Not The Transfer Deadline Day plus pre-Stoke City Brentford Podcast

Not The Transfer Deadline Day plus pre-Stoke City Brentford Podcast
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 It’s a absolute BUMPER edition of the Pride of West London podcast this week with loads of deadline day stuff to talk about and also being the pre-Stoke City podcast too. 

The Beesotted crew met up at One Over The Ait pub in Kew Bridge – a stones throw from Brentford’s new stadium – to discuss the comings and goings of the transfer window.

Except the transfer window hasn’t really shut – the real closing date being Aug 31st. 

Ryan Woods was a hot topic of conversation. He didn’t go during the window. But with the loophole in the regulations, Swansea City still have three weeks to tie him down if they want to via the rather iffy “loan with a view to buy permanently” rule as explained in this article.

Will Ryan Woods still be at Brentford come Sept 1st?

Who are all these B-team players Brentford signed up this summer? Some look rather good.

We talk to bloggers and podcasters from West Brom, Birmingham, Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday, Nottingham Forest and Leeds about their transfer window. 

Plus we look forward to the Stoke match at the weekend and chat to David from The Wizards of Drivel podcast in Five From The Hive.

0 m – Intro

11 m 53 sec – Beesotted chat Ryan Wood’s non-transfer to Swansea and the transfer window loophole which may still see him go there before the end of the month

26 min 54 sec – WBA fan Nathan Carr (@njcarr_) gives us his lowdown on The Baggies’ transfer window

28 min 57 sec – Beesotted crew talk first team players Brentford have signed

41 min 57 sec – Birmingham fan Bik Singh (@blues_4_all) gives us his lowdown on Blues’ transfer window

42 min 59 sec – Beesotted crew talk Brentford outgoing players

49 min 36 sec – Ian Rands (@UnitedITE) from Sheffield blog gives us his lowdown on The Blades’ transfer window

52 min 10 sec – Beesotted crew discuss the plethora of signings for Brentford B team starting with Goalkeeper Patrik Gunnarsson, Centre back Luca Racic and midfielder Nikolai Kirk

59 min 13 sec – Sheffield Wednesday fan James Marriott from The Wednesday Week Podcast (@TWWCast) gives us his lowdown on The Owls’ transfer window

1 hour 1 min 49 sec – Beesotted crew discuss Brentford B team signings ex Chelsea fullback Cole Dasilva, Falkirk midfielder Jonny Mitchell and Oxford defender Canice Carroll

1 hr 12 min 35 sec – Adam Wiklo from Forever Forest TV (@ForeverForestTV) gives us his lowdown on The Tricky Trees’ transfer window

1 hr 15 min 25 sec – Beesotted crew discuss Brentford B team signings Finnish Kolbeinn Finnsson and Czechs Jan Zamburek and Matej Majka

1 hr 25 min 12 sec – Andrew Dalton (@Lufc_stats) ives us his lowdown on The Whites’ transfer window

1 hr 28 min 0 sec – Five From The Hive. We chat to David from The Wizards of Drivel (@wizardsofdrivel) Stoke City podcast

1 hr 43 min 04 sec – Beesotted crew talk alternative Stoke Travel guide plus give their Stoke match predictions

1 hr 55 min 39 sec – END




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