Brentford Refuse To Be Bullied As Tables Turned At Birmingham

Brentford Refuse To Be Bullied As Tables Turned At Birmingham
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When Daniel Bentley took his time over a goal kick to run the clock down in the Second City battle with Brum, it was quite possibly a pivotal moment in Brentford’s season.

I hate timewasting, disliked Neal Maupay’s embarrassing goalmouth ‘drop’ and believe the moronic minority of Blues ‘fans’ who hurled bottles onto the pitch should be banned rather than fining the club.

But there was an element of “if you can’t beat them, join them” at St Andrew’s as Brentford, probably reluctantly, adopted the mentality of most sides that have visited Griffin Park this season.

If anything, our ‘tinpot’ club from west London have an even more compelling reason to frustrate the opposition’s players, fans and manager… and at Brum they did all three.

With another baffling display from Peter Bankes, who has now booked 12 Brentford players in two games this season, we had to even things up by whatever means possible.

Blues were their usual bullying, direct and physical self, and with little or no protection being offered by the match official – who incredibly booked not a single Blues player – it soon became clear after the break that a hard-earned point might be a decent return.

Bentley refused to be rushed into taking his kick, despite Che Adams’ directive that he take it from where he wanted it taken and quick. Don’t like this side of the game, but if refs don’t clamp down early on it, then I guess we have to take all the help we can get.

But it was after the game – and you can hear the views of Bees and Blues fans on the post-match podcast above – that the real bitterness at being held to a goalless draw came pouring out as Blues fans goaded the Bees supporters and Gary Monk tried to escalate things with a sweeping ‘’pot, kettle, black’ condemnation of Brentford’s approach.

He quite rightly criticised Maupay’s fall in the box, but then widened his criticism of the side as a whole adding: “That’s Brentford’s problem, that’s their make-up to do those things. All the best to them for that, it’s not our cup of tea.

“If you asked a lot of teams’ fans they don’t really want to see that but they constantly do it and constantly get away with it.”

I’ve always quite liked Monk and rate him as a man manager, but comments like this simply add fuel to the fire for a City fanbase that genuinely believes their side plays great football and were deeply wronged by a little club that should have rolled over for them.

The fact is they were outplayed for the first 40 minutes of this game and only started to look anywhere near effective when they reverted to type, goading Maupay, ramping up the physical side a notch or two… not to mention the studs up lunge on Bentley.

Their tactics of lumping long balls into the box on the off chance of winning the second ball is what we expect from a side that will never dominate Brentford in footballing terms while their current mentality persists.

Thanks to the tweets of the Small Heath faithful we are now entering siege mentality territory and that’s exactly where we need to be right now, so we owe them and Mr Monk a big thank you.

For long spells we outpassed Blues, looked confident once more and there were even signs of the slick counter attacks that were our trademark a few months back. After the break when we needed to get physical, we matched Brum and rarely looked in trouble.

That’s why the post-match sour grapes were perhaps not such a surprise.

Even with my red specs on, “cheats” and “dirty” are certainly never labels I’d attach to Brentford, but if we’re finally learning a few of the dark arts that we’ve repeatedly fallen victim to at Griffin Park then, extremely reluctantly, I’m all for it.

And if the so-called ‘big boys’ don’t like it, then that’s tough.

Jim Levack




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  1. Max

    Spot on jim .unfortunately if bees dont fight fire with fire we won’t get anywhere.maupay doesnt do himself any favors simetimes but gets kicked on and off the ball for 90 minutes week after week . every team in this league that comes to gp wastes time at some level.

  2. Ijaz

    Basically you condone time wasting and cheating to try and get other teams players in trouble. When you are called cheats you don’t like it.

  3. Jon

    Totally agree Jim.
    It seems that all Bham and some Bees fans were watching an entirely different match from me. Brentford completely dominated the Scum in the first 35-40 mins. Played them off the park. The home side were completely uninterested in pressing Brentford, despite our well-known obsession for playing it out from the back – they resorted to fouling in an effort to gain some possession (30% at home = pathetic) – a tactic that had the full backing of a tiresomely bias referee.
    When they ramped up the physical intimidation in the second half I was proud that Brentford stood up to them and gave some back. Henry, Canos, Barbet, Jeanvier, the whole lot actually, all got stuck in. Romaine Sawyers had a blinder. Dan Bentley has balls of steel.
    Neil Maupay is an issue. He takes a lot of rough shit on the field. And he gives it back. His temper is very short, and some of his antics are unjustifiable. But then….Leeds away. 15 goals and half a dozen assists, and despite his stupid, ugly side, it has been a joy to witness his killer goal-scoring instinct – particularly after last seasons struggles. Brentford need to play more to his strengths too. But will we get the chance? I will probably have a nervous breakdown if the club sell him in this months transfer window. Without Mr Maupay Brentford will be staring relegation full in the face.
    As it is we have a fighting chance of hoisting ourselves up to mid-table – breathe a sigh of relief – and go again for one final glorious season at GP. But fight is what we’re gonna have to do. And embracing some of the dark arts (in the short term) just puts us on a par with every other team in the league – from what I’ve seen.
    As a final note – Birmingham City FC are a lousy club. They play crap, reductive football and their supporters are a disgrace. Throwing bottles at our players and onto the pitch is childs play for a healthy minority of them. Our so-called rivalry may go back to the 90’s when we were both battling to get out of League One (if memory serves me right?), but it also arose out of the hooligan behaviour of their away fans – and the endless testimonies of Bees fans enduring hostility and violence when visiting St Andrews. I went there once myself – all the Bees fans were ‘coined’ as they walked into the ground – the Blues fans helpfully positioned above us in the stand had a perfect vantage point. The stewards thought it was hilarious and quickly scuttled away. Grim, ugly club.
    Up the Bees!

  4. Max

    Oh dear


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