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The Ticketzone farce continued on Friday with yet more supporters becoming frustrated at not getting adequate answers following the fraudulent transactions on their credit and debit cards after making purchases for League One Playoff Final tickets.

Beesotted have spoken to several people in the ticketing arena and, as it is our god forsaken duty to only deal with pertinent fan issues, will comment further after the weekend with some (not rocket science) suggestions.

With the playoffs less than 36 hours away, the focus is justifiably on the game on Sunday, but it’s surprising (and more than a little bit frustrating if you’ve been forced to cancel your cards ahead of a weekend when you’re going to NEED them) that no one seems to be concentrating fully on the issue in hand or hiding behind ‘man in the middle’ excuses.

At this moment in time, as long as your bank account hasn’t been totally drained, we suggest you forget TicketZone for now, cut up your card (every single person who purchased through Ticket Zone should cut their card up if the current rumours are true) and enjoy the events of the weekend.

Nothing will be solved today that can’t get rectified on Monday. Its a terrible thing that has happened, granted, and there is nothing worse than shouting in the wind when no one is listening… But the positive thing is, in principal, your bank should cover you for fraudulent activity on your card.

Whatever the outcome, TicketZone will surely be finished in football after this.

Beesotted will be talking about this issue, as well as the all important match, on BBC Radio London 94.9 Saturday evening at 6:30pm.

@BrentfordFC: @GraemeDay Please contact TicketZone on 0844 875 2400 and they will be able to help you (ED. ER WRONG ANSWER!!!!!)

@marmytodd: #ticketzone @beesotted letter from my cc co this am. Saying my account is at risk and a new card is on the way. At least they are alert.

@wandererpaul: @jackiekelly @Beesotted one poor fella on gpg has had £15k & £8k attempted fraud,then another £4.8k,3 times,thankfully the bank has helped!

@TomW_505: @Beesotted I got scammed by ticket zone too! Nearly spent £1000 pounds on the credit card!

@JoSmithBfc: @Beesotted @BrentfordFC so angry after having my card cloned after using Ticketzone. I go on holiday on monday and now have no money!!!

@SupermanGavo: £440 worth of next clothing, £1100 on dell computers and another £300 in game….. I love Ticketzone…… Not

@callummaguire16: @SupermanGavo 450 on a iphone in o2 here

@monkeybasketkid: I’ve had a fraud for over £100 taken from the card used on #ticketzone website. Not showing online. Had to call bank. #brentfordfc

@sullyman85: @Beesotted Afraid to say I’m a victim of the Ticketzone fraud.Lucky it was only £40 . Brentford fans been absolutely mugged off here .

@gmbutler24: Bastards, £700 spent on my card for next and talkmobile only yesterday when tkts purchased wed last week @Beesotted

@callummaguire16: @Beesotted someone tried to buy an iphone I got told by the credit card company. Great thieves they are

@sargentoni_: @Beesotted been nicked £100 in 10’s at a time on Vodafone phone credit. cancel/check cards asap!

@hattiethebee: @Beesotted now it’s my turn,scammed for £399 on hotels abroad. I hope they get the chronic sh*ts from the food !!

@jamalbfc: @Beesotted £30 on phone credit….. This person makes a lot of calls o.O #cunt

@AmyCook1984: @Beesotted I was lucky only had £70 taken. 5 different transactions for mobile pay as go phones

@AidanL: @nataliesawyer @kaitborsay @Beesotted yes I had fraud on my account today!

@nobbyf10: @nataliesawyer @kaitborsay @Beesotted I had 34.99 charged onto my card from a games shop in Basingstoke. I live in Essex. #damnyoufraudsters

@mrpjones: @nataliesawyer @kaitborsay @Beesotted the guy that booked our group’s tickets had four attempts against his card, all declined fortunately

@fergusfh: @Beesotted I’ve been done for £30, called my bank and a £494 transaction got called up in their fraud system! Call your banks now everyone

@glenhedges: Just checked, £359 fraudulent activity and card cancelled after buying @BrentfordFC tix through Ticket Zone. Check your cards. @Beesotted

@JamesDerrick3: @Beesotted Yup, they got £10 off me. Tried to get more but the bank clocked on. Bank giving me back my money thankfully!

@FullersTony: @Beesotted My dad was contacted by his bank after someone tried to spend £560 in an O2 store… TicketZone best say something soon.

@DebbeeHorwood: @beesotted Just checked my Natwest account online & despite cancelling my card Wed eve,got done for 2 O2 UK payments of £10. #keepchecking