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This journey to the 2014/15 Sky Bet Championship football season continues to take ages but temper tantrum time has temporarily been terminated. I am jumping up and down again but this time in excitement and anticipation, being completely convinced this is going to be the trip of a lifetime and might actually last quite a while. The only previous visit had a few memorable moments but was cut short at the earliest opportunity and a disaster on the last day left a bitter taste over the whole experience.

Things are so positive I’m now able to laugh at my inability to complete puzzles and have convinced myself that Callum Wilson is a one season who will struggle in the Championship. Maybe someone has slipped something in my drink because I’m also telling the world that the X-Factor has provided me with my favourite videoed entertainment for a long, long time. I’m even missing the battle of the footballing yellow South Americans as I allow my TV to Show #BBUK rather than #BRAvCOL. Even with the Brazilians decked out in ‘Brentford Away’ yellow top-white shorts, I’m again finding myself looking into the domestic future rather than watching the international present. My headphones allow me to drown out the noise of Big Brother contestants and viewers as I listen again to six songs. Things are setting up so nicely I have to ask again are we nearly there yet?

Along the way, I, along with other Bees, will have a new second team to follow. That clip of the Danger Mouse & Norah Jones song from Breaking Bad, which partly caused my recent strop, obviously related to our owner acquiring a major shareholding in Danish Superliga side FC Midtjylland. There were no links to Penfold Magath after all. With hindsight, it’s all so clear now. The actual Youtube clip was described as…

Danger Mouse & Norah Jones “Black” Breaking Bad Season 4

music video featuring clips of walter white from season 4 of breaking bad

Explanation: So, if you take the 7th, 31st, 1st, 57th, 18th, 24th, 64th, 2nd, 3rd and 1st letters in that description, you’re left with just Y missing from Midtjylland. Y – meaning why? Through his clue, MB is asking us to consider just why he has invested in this Danish team. It’s so clear now. Er, hold on, I think I’ll leave this one and move on… The Great Dane Mystery perhaps? Are we nearly there yet?

To be honest #BRAvCOL has now drawn me in as, the members of my household watching the reality TV programme have given into the reality they need to go to bed and that James Rodriguez has been taken out by QPR’s third choice keeper. I might have to come back to this…

… Oh well, Julio Cesar stayed on the field and Brazil stayed in the World Cup. The team who got to wear the Brentford away colours went through. Let’s hope the officials can be as kind to us on our travels next season as they were to the home team tonight. There’s a clear bias to the yellow and whites.

So yes, I’ll move on to that Callum Wilson? He’s certainly no Rodriguez, and it’s been announced Bournemouth have just grabbed him as a replacement for Lewis Grabban. Now that he hasn’t overtaken Moses as our record transfer, we can all agree that he ‘isn’t all that’ anyway and if we were ever going to spend the £3million he ended up costing, we can get much more for our moola. There remain whispers that another striker will come in soon, and despite it generally being Happy Days at the moment, you can’t help thinking we do need an additional front man. Until we get that added attacking option, maybe I should hold back asking are we nearly there yet?

If say Sam ‘Bailey’ Baldock, or anyone else for that matter, comes in and flies out to Florida, they better bring their singing voice with them. On the long walk home tonight, I found myself laughing out loud, enjoying the team morale and giving two references I never thought I’d allow my Twitter timeline to display. The #XFactor compliments I was sending out did albeit have a BrentfordFC prefix, and while I really have no opinion on the years old divorce battle between Jordan (not  Rhodes) and Peter Andre (not Gray), I did find myself declaring allegiance to #TeamAndre.

Peter Gilham’s excellent ‘Letter from America’ blog on the Official Site will give you a first hand explanation of just what #BrentfordFCXFactor is all about and I would strongly advise anyone who hasn’t already to watch the first videos of each ‘contestant’.  There promises to be more too. I won’t spoil the surprise of who sings what but they are all notable performances for one reason or another. Despite my #TeamAndre stance, I think special mention must also go out to new fitness and conditioning fellow Matt Springham. You sense he might have a few more numbers in his locker.

Our team are not the first to initiate new team members into the group by making them sing a song. However, despite this not being a completely new strategy to try and embed new additions into a collective group, the videos illustrate what a strong team ethic is already there. It’s not just the efforts of the newbies to impress their peers, as well as now their supporters back home, through song. The enjoyment and laughter you hear in the background tells me that this is a team which will work their arses off for each other. I dislike the word ‘banter’ as it can often be used as an excuse in various bullying situations but then listen to those X-Factor videos on headphones and you’ll hear so clearly the team spirit which will drive the side on next season.

You can never be sure of anything in life and in football but sometimes there is something in your head convinced how things will turn out. After Brisbane Road last season there was something in my brain not allowing me to consider another season in League One. I was more certain then that we were going up than in the 95th minute of the Doncaster game with the ball 12 yards away from Neil Sullivan. Likewise, the camaraderie already in this squad tells me there is nothing to fear about this new division. There will be groups of players who will be earning many times the ‘basic’ of our lads, including Moses who was asked what his was when he got up to sing (sort of). We’ll come up against teams considered ‘bigger’ than ‘lil ole Brentford but, I tell you what, I can’t see many sides with bigger hearts.

The Floridian interviews with Alan McCormack and Richard Lee also show what a determined and intelligent group has been built. I am genuinely so excited about how far this swarm of Bees will go. The core group have tasted the pain of failure and the pleasure of success. They know which feeling they want to replicate. The players we are bringing in have shown they each have quality to ensure the success continues. It’s not a time to set over ambitious targets and make ridiculous claims but there would be no outcome of the season ahead too high to surprise me. I tell you now there is more chance of Marcos Tebar winning the real X-Factor than us returning to League One in the foreseeable future.

While I spend the first few days of July giving up again on ‘that fitness regime’ meant to get me into those Hollister tops I bought in the January Sales, the people who matter, are getting themselves physically and mentally prepared for what promises to be another season to cherish. I feel us getting closer and closer. The season for Shaleum Logan and Niall McGinn has already started in a goalscoring as their Aberdeen side have taken a 5-0 lead in their Europa Cup Qualifying Round. I said we shouldn’t get carried away but my mind has jogged on to consider what odds may be available against us being in such a game within three years?

Some people will tell me to take one game at a time. To me that is nonsense. You need to have a target set for a season and then break that down into mid-term goals. So what should we aim for next season? Ah, sorry, after that game at Pittodrie, the 14/15 season can be declared open for business.  It’s not next season anymore, it’s THIS season. What should our target be for this season? 60 points? 70 points? 80? 90? More than last season?  Ah man, I wish it was Alan McCormack and Moses Odubajo opening their account in a 5-0 win. Our new season must surely start soon. Are we nearly there yet?

 Luis Adriano