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As 1200 Brentford fans made their way up to Sheffield for the top of the table clash against Sheffield United, the news that no one wanted to hear started to hit social media. The match had been postponed. The pitch was apparently playable by the local police felt that, with six inches of snow falling overnight, the approaches to the ground were far too dangerous to let the game go ahead (see picture above of outside Sheffield Utd ground this morning).

Groans from Brentford fans on the free coaches that the club very kindly put on. Moans from Bees who just woke up ready to get the breakfast on before a lunch time trip down to the local boozer. Absolute agony for Bees abroad – we’ve reports of gatherings of Bees as far afield as Hong Kong, Australia, USA and even Stockholm getting themselves ready to watch this match.

Sheffield United wanted this game off as much as Brentford did. Sheffield now have a completely chocca-block run-in and with so many injuries they are going to find the going tough.

Looking at possible dates, the only real available options for both teams (this is just our guestimate so please dont shoot us down in flames if we are wrong) are Thur 4th April (two days before Coventry away), Thur 18th April (two days before Hartlepool away) or Thur 25th April (two days before Doncaster – last game of the season).

This 6 pointer has now turned into a possible promotion clincher. What a rip roaring end to the season we have to look forward to. Cmoooooooon you Bees