The Lengths Fans Will Go To Be At Brentford’s Biggest Matches

The Lengths Fans Will Go To Be At Brentford’s Biggest Matches

How many times have you had to change your plans to ensure that you attend a must-see Brentford football match? We call it that Nick Hornby ‘Fever Pitch’ moment. The moment his wife tried to get him to tie down a summer holiday BEFORE the forthcoming season’s fixtures had been announced for the next season and he skilful avoided making any commitment. At the time. 

We’ve all been there. 

On this week’s Beesotted Pride of West London Podcast from the Meat Market, we discussed this very issue.

One of the Beesotted crew flagged up a potential predicament – with there being (admittedly a very low – 10%) chance of a Brentford Playoff Final appearance at Wembley this season co-insiding with a must go-to family wedding. However, in the world of football fans, any percentage over 0% means there’s always a chance.  So we flagged this potential scenario up with Bees fans and asked how many people have had a similar scenario – having to change their plans to attend a Brentford football match? 

Unsurprisingly, the response was phenomenal.  Whereas some fans will be happy to watch a game on TV if that becomes an option, there are plenty of fans who will move hell or high water to ensure that they are there on the day – to shout their team on from behind the goal. 

There was the ‘coming back from holiday for just one day for the big game’ malarkey

There’s the olde ‘armed services lie’ trick

There is the olde ‘friendship severance’ moment

There was the impeccably-timed freeloading

There was the rumbled by the media moment

And there was the fear of the rumble by media moment

There’s the ‘making the wrong choice’ moment

There was the olde wedding detour




There was the ‘co-ordination with weekend planned activity’ malarkey 

There was the ‘ensuring the whole team suffers’ due to one player’s non-attendance trick

There was the small affair of a sibling’s christening

                      Of course there was the olde ‘doctors’ letter’

There was the olde taking a leaf out of the owner’s book – ‘bunking off school to make important football match’ trick

There was the ‘promotion is far more important than new job’ stalling

There was the case of taking that nasty man Norman Tebbitt too literally by getting ‘On yer bike’ story

Then there was a case of …. maybe missing the match wasnt the best thing. Hope everything is OK now mate.



Billy Grant






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