Jota out. Dean out. Colin out. Transfer Deadline Day podcast – Black Thursday for Brentford fans

Jota out. Dean out. Colin out. Transfer Deadline Day podcast – Black Thursday for Brentford fans
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Jota to Birmingham. Dean to Birmingham. Colin to Birmingham. We knew it was too good to last. 

The front end of the transfer window had Bees fans buzzing for the season. Highly rated Ollie Watkins. The lively Neal Maupay. Midfield general Kamo Mokotjo were just a few of the signings for Brentford earlier in the window. 

But there was always going to be some disappointment with players not signing new contacts. And when Jota was spotted down at Fulham’s training ground a few days before deadline day, Bees fans feared the worst. 

As it happened, that deal came to nothing as it seems like it was a ploy to get Harry Redknapp active – much to Fulham’s anger – as within 24 hours Redknapp had bid for Jota, Harlee Dean and Maxime Colin to add to his ranks at Birmingham City.

Brentford fans were in uproar. How could we sell our players to our closest rivals?

The Beesotted crew assembled at The Cross Keys pub in Stamford Brook to discuss the #DeadlineDay fallout. 

In the pub:

Billy Grant

Dave Lane

Edwood the Headwood

Robin Hood (the Bee)

6m 34 sec – Jota. How gutting was Jota’s move from Brentford. Did the club do all they could to keep him? What happened his supposed Premier League move? Who spotted him at Fulham’s training ground? Why were the Fulham recruitment team fuming when they found out they didn’t get the player?  How could Birmingham afford to play a player £40k a week in our league? Will Brentford be weaker without him. 

37m 07 sec – Harlee Dean. Could Brentford have averted this sale? Will Brentford be weaker without him? How much of a downer will this be on the design room? Do Brentford have a natural leader to take over the captaincy? Who will the Centre Back combination now be? 

1h 04m 34 sec – Maxim Colin. How big a blow is this for the Bees. Did we have to sell him (still not confirmed by the club) as his contract was until 2019? Did he have a buy-out clause? Will Dalsgaard step up to the plate or are we weak in this area?

1h 28 m 21 sec – Beesotted crew general deadline day stuff. Were Brentford wrong to sell key players to a rival? Will these transfers scupper Brentford’s Top 6 aim? Our best players leave at the first opportunity. Does this prove that Brentford are unable to compete financially in the Championship marketplace? Many fans were predicting playoffs this season (including us). Do fans have to reassess where they see the club in this division?




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About The Author

BillytheBee Grant

Following Brentford for 30 years plus now.. write .. blog .. videoblog .. podcast ... photograph .. sleep .. Brentford.. am known to attend the occasional England match too (12 tournaments now) so am hardened to failure ...On the board and national council of the Football Supporters Federation.... organised husky dog racing for a living back in the day ... as you do ..You don't wanna go up!!


  1. Richard Bradbury

    Can we do any worse without than with them ? Just 2 points at present. The only way is up. Let’s see how the lads do. We were better as a team after our main men ( Hogan etc ) left . Have faith.

    • WestberksBEE

      Well said Richard. My view is that looking forward, Colin is the biggest loss but I don’t wish this as a negative comment on Jota and Dean.
      Jota was sublime, when he was good he was fantastic but he drifted in and out too often – if he was that good he would have got a place in a première league side. Deano has done us great service and on those wages I wish him luck!

      Anyone know what Colin went for?

  2. BORU

    Another excellent performance from Jeke Reeves, today, playing for Bradford City.
    Another talented player, this club let go.

    • hobo

      Spurs/ Bees/Swindon/ Wimbledon now Bradford, So what good luck to Jeke?. WILL USE ANYTHING TO KNOCK THE CLUB THOUGH BRIAN WONT YOU?

      • BORU

        Your just a hypocritical , moronic phoney and fool 1) I am complimenting a former player 2) I am touching on a statement made by one of your heroes , one Giles character,that BFC have been guilty of letting a certain player named Mawson go and “we must learn from our mistake” (sic) Good, let’s hope so.
        Your a total joke, you are the lout who used a four letter word about Fulham recently? Pathetic!
        Why don’t you shut your duck- arsed gob and leave worthwhile commentary to those who have a brain between their ears, unlike you.
        Other commentators don’t need you to reply on their behalf, you ignorant oaf.

        • hobo

          Reeves 46 Bees first team apps.
          Mawson 1 Bees first team league cup app.
          Mawson now playing premier league worth millions.
          Reeves was given a fair crack of league football with the Bees, Mawson didn’t Brian. By the way don’t think i actually used the Anglo-saxon four letter word but i am guilty of implying it.
          keep the insults and rants coming though Brian,comic gold.

          • hobo

            Also Brian Jake Reeves left the Bees under the tutelage of the man you just cant get over WARBS.

          • BORU

            Your a moron and a coward; don’t assume a false position for yourself.

  3. Jason w

    Great pod cast guys thank you. but its just a shame about the subject! But it needs to be talked about so people can get it off their chests. And going by some of the replys and comments that have been left, it can’t come soon enough. I have had time to do just that , and that healing process has been tested when you work with a bunch of qpr and fulham fans ! But laughing is catching. My heart and head are in a constant battle , but I am determined to sing my heart out for the lads and support this amazing club even if I have to “sing on my own” come on brentford what’s done is done. Up the bees


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