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The universally detested footballer, Joey Barton, today sparked anger among Bees fans after he denounced Greg Dyke’s appointment as Football Association Chairman. The exiled Queens Park Rangers reject ranted on his Twitter feed: “What the f*ck does Greg Dyke know about football? Yet, another bureaucrat, placed in a position way to large for his domain expertise…”

Now I’m sure that for Greg Dyke, who is the veteran of numerous slurs, personal attacks and politically motivated vendettas, this will be like water off a duck’s back, however, numerous Brentford supporters seemed more than happy to point out to Barton (in no uncertain terms) that not only has Dyke served at Manchester United for several years, more recently, he’s clocked significant time at the Griffin Park helm.

BBC Sport’s presenter, Gabby Logan, gave her side of the argument to Bees fans by underlining that Dyke’s experience was arguably the most rounded you could ask for from an FA chief candidate – while others were far less restrained – wading in with insults that question the validity of Barton’s opinionated state of self-importance.

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