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I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a bun fight on the scale of the one that is emerging for the signature of Scott Hogan in the history of our football club – there’s a plethora of top flight clubs in England and across Europe contemplating bids for the Brentford hot-shot striker this transfer window – and it shows no sign of abating.

Of course, we have had in-demand players before – Andy Sinton and Dean Holdsworth spring to mind – and in more recent years, some big-buck transfer fees have exchanged for our brightest talent as they left for pastures new, but I can’t recall as much media coverage and rumour for one single player as we are witnessing right now for Hogan.

West Ham are emerging as the early front runner, with Sky reporting a £10m offer having been rejected by Brentford just five days into the window, so with more than three weeks to go, and the club seemingly in no mad rush to offload the striker, we could realistically see the final purchase price rise to anywhere between £10-£15 million, depending on which Premier League club want to secure the goals that could keep them up. That is a realistic expectation.

Whether we see Hogan in a Bees shirt until his fate is sealed, or not, is another matter though, and if we have resigned ourself to the inevitable, mothballing Hogan to ensure he’s not injured may be a price we have to endure as fans if we want to guarantee any windfall is used to restock the squad in several key areas. The loss of Alan Judge last season shows that any player is one nasty tackle away from ruin – a leg break that has arguably cost our club over £5m.

We may also have to take a plunge into the transfer market ourselves and pre-empt the loss of Hogan – admittedly its all cloak and dagger manoeuvring during a situation like this, and timing is key, but it does highlight how disruptive the January window can be for a selling club such as ours, and how clubs who we are enquiring about for players will be inflating the numbers with Hogan on their minds too.

But 21 goals in just 33 games is an incredible record, it’s no surprise there is a clamour for the former Rochdale ace, I just wonder how long Brentford will hold their nerve on this before accepting an offer… or will this go to the wire?

Dave Lane