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What a difference seven days makes eh. Last week there were hairs being positively pulled out of Bees’ fans heads. Two matches and six goals scored later, the same fans are positively buzzing.

Meanwhile Ipswich fans have been going through a bit of a tough few weeks .. mimicking what we seemed to have been going through the last few matches …

We get ourselves around the table pint in hand in The Plough Pub in Northfields (just down from the station) … and discuss all things Brentford … the Nottingham Forest and Bolton matches … plus we discuss manager Dean Smith’s recent spa routine …. the rumours circulating the past few days of Brentford going into administration … betting scams … we discuss podcast bathing options …… the recent away fan crowd tables which was Brentford at the top of the travelling support table (with a twist) as you can see below.

We also discuss the forthcoming Ipswich match with Harry from Bath (not in the Bath) from Ipswich blog TWTD.

In the pub:

Billy Grant
Dave Lane
Matt Allard
Sav Kyriacou
Gemma Teale

On the phone (or in the bath) with Harry Wainwright (@HarryFromBath) from TWTD

0m – INTRO
6m 48 sec – Nottingham Forest and Bolton post-pub chat
13m 03 sec – Beesotted crew chat Nottingham Forest and Bolton
31m 08 sec – The Dean Smith spa and press quotes
40m 0 sec – The Brentford administration rumour and the Lionel Road Compulsory Purchase Order
47m 50 sec – Strange listening places for the podcast – #PRIDEOF xxxxxxxxx
52m 42 sec – Update on the Brentford scouting options discussed last week
54m 50 sec – Championship home and away crowd chart
1h 07m 43 sec – Interview with Harry from Bath from TWTD Ipswich blog
1h 23min 44 sec – Beesotted crew discuss Ipswich away
1h 33m 25 sec – END

Away Crowd League Table (as discussed on the podcast)