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There were reports over the weekend suggesting that the possible redevelopment of Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium could lead to the Premier League leaders moving to Twickenham Stadium for a year, which would have a massive affect on Brentford Football Club if allowed.

The BBC’s website ran the following; “The RFU said: “We have had an enquiry from Chelsea FC but have not had any discussions of any substance.”… “Chelsea announced in June that they are looking at possible expansion plans for their 41,800 capacity stadium – but the club has not set a date for any work to begin.”… “Redeveloping Stamford Bridge into a 60,000 capacity stadium would boost match-day revenue and help Chelsea meet Uefa’s Financial Fair Play guidelines.”

The crowded West London football landscape is a confusing one, with fans of all clubs mixed together in the suburbs, but there are still clear boundaries and areas which are absolutely defined. Twickenham, approximately three miles from Griffin Park, is firmly Bees territory and the club and community trust are working hard to build our fan base out along the A316 – Chelsea’s arrival, however temporary, would have devastating affects at a time when we are looking to establish our Championship status and grow into a new stadium at Lionel Road.

If the reasons they are considering this is due to ‘Fair Play’… then look elsewhere.

Dave Lane