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Celtic’s visit to Griffin Park today will certainly be a colourful occasion, one that will hopefully produce a unique carnival atmosphere at our proud old ground.

Yes it’s expensive, yes it was poorly managed by the football club initially, yes it will be odd having three sides of the stadium given to away fans , but we’re looking forward to mingling with the green and white hordes, chatting about football, and hearing them agree what an amazing place Brentford is to warm up for the match. I have no doubt the pubs of our town are in for a profitable afternoon, even if the club aren’t.

I took the plunge earlier in the week and shelled out £65 of my hard-earned for an adult and two kids’ tickets and intend to have a thoroughly good day in the sunshine. The ground and the pitch looked in great shape on Tuesday night, as did the Bees players… And we are predicting a Bees win.

The match won’t be a sell out as hoped however, Celtic fans filling the Brook Road and New Road sides, but Ealing and Breamar are likely to be three-quarters full, although the 9,000 break-even figure may just have been achieved. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, only around 2,500-3,000 Bees fans are through to have bought tickets.

Enjoy your day at Brentford Celtic fans… I look forward to sharing a beer or two with you.

We’re also looking forward to producing a longer-length, High Definition video, which will be uploaded Sunday – subscribe to the Beesotted.co.uk YouTube channel now to be able to watch the HD version.

Beesotted have been invited onto Bees Player at half time to talk about the team, our plans for the fanzine this season and the future of European Monetary Union. Don’t wander off for a half time pee if your listening to the match that way!

Dave Lane