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With a bumper crowd of away supporters due at Griffin Park tomorrow, here is Beesotted’s quick quide to a day out in West London…

Brenford famously has a pub on each corner of the ground. Celtic fans are probably most likely to migrate to The New Inn (corner of Ealing and New Road) which is basically a Celtic pub anyway. The Griffin (corner of Braemar Road and Brook Road) is a “home” pub which also welcomes visitors for good natured banter – you might want to try some London Pride but be careful around the dodgy burger vendor.

Fans of real ale might head to the Magpie and Crown on Brentford High Street whilst The Weir bar situated on The Butts offers a river view and decent gastro pub food. Just north of the A4 you will find The Lord Nelson and The Globe which both have decent outside space on a sunny day and are only 10 mins walk to the ground.

If you are travelling from central London by train you might want to hop off a stop early at Kew Bridge where there are a number of nice pubs on Kew Green just over the bridge.

Supporters of both clubs will no doubt enthusiastically join in a healthy rendition of “We hate Rangers” although Brentford fans will be referring to the downmarket hoop wearers of Shepherds Bush. Feel free to sing songs about Harry Redknapp too. And Fulham. We hate Fulham (apart from their Michael Jackson statue which is frankly brilliant)

It’s not all about disliking things in West London though. We like Tony Craig. But we love Harlee Dean

Brentford’s club shop is situated on Braemar Road for those wanting a souvenir of their visit to the home of football. Supporters with poor taste and no dignity will no doubt find some shell suit wearing scallies selling highly flammable half and half scarves on the streets.

Public Transport
Brentford BR station is reached by trains coming from Waterloo via Clapham Junction – trains run approximately every 15 minutes. They normally don’t have toilets so if you’ve got a weak bladder, we recommend spending 30p at Waterloo station rather than weeing down your trouser leg as you pass through leafy Chiswick.

If you are coming by tube you have a couple of choices – best bet is probably to head to South Ealing on the Picadilly Line (Heathrow branch) – turn right out of the station and it’s a 15 minute walk – or hop aboard a 65 bus opposite the tube station. Gunnersbury Station is on the District Line and is about a mile and a half from Griffin Park.

Local Attractions
From the rude tramp that lives under the A4 flyover to the serene drive-through McDonalds, Brentford is a haven for culture vultures. Those with a steamy passion for trains might want to visit the Kew Bridge Steam museum whilst fans of the Wurlitzer theatre organ will no doubt be drawn to the Musical Museum, also located close to Kew Bridge.

Condorman (@thecondorman)