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Regular Beesotted contributor Larry Signy adds some more fuel to the argument in support of Lionel Road:

It may have escaped many people’s notice, but the BFC Community Trust has just been named Best Community Club of the Year in the South East – and will go forward for the national finals in March.

As such, it might be an idea to bombard the Mayor and the other two in the GLC with this information to boost the Lionel Road application

I’ve included an example of my email below in case anyone wants to use it as a template (please also sign the BIAS petition here)  :


To: Mayor Boris Johnson, Greater London Authority.
cc: Sir Eddie Lister, Chief of Staff and Deputy Mayor for Policy and Planning;
cc: David Blankson-Hemans, Senior Strategic Planner, Greater London Authority

  Ref: Planning application P/2013/1811

Can I add to my previous e-mail in support of the Brentford Football Club application to build a new stadium at Lionel Road, Brentford, by pointing out that the club’s Community Sports Trust has just been nominated for the Johnstone’s Paint Community Club of the Year award for its outstanding work. The Trust has actually been named the best Community Club of the Year in the South East region, and will represent the district in the national awards in March.

It is through the Trust that BFC continues to work with the local community across a wide range of sports, education, mentoring and disability programmes.

It has, according to independent studies, contributed well over £8-million of social assets locally through its various projects, with almost 15,000 local participants taking part in nearly 6,000 sessions last year alone.

From what I understand, the BFC Community Trust now wishes to expand even further, bringing in even more needy people in its area – but to do that needs the extra space it would get by being housed within the planned new stadium at Lionel Road.

I hope you will consider this when making your final decision on the application.
Larry Signy