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It’s been bucketing down up and down the country but the fans of Shrewsbury are sitting pretty in the confidence that they have never had a game called of in their new stadium. As he slips his galoshes off, BillytheBee catches up with Glyn Price aka El Hurrecan from Shrewsbury’s B and A fanzine (@B_and_A_Fanzine) and the Blue and Amber message board – a mile mannered transport planner during the week and at the weekend a perma annoyed/frustrated Shrewsbury Town fan – and chats Michael Jackson statues, medieval pubs and phantom goals against Orient

We’ve both been on a bit of a journey since the last time we played. We were just on the start of our unbeaten run having just beaten, ironically, Bristol City at Ashton Gate (much like last Tuesday night) and the win against Shrewsbury made it 3-in-a-row. We were in 9th spot and you guys were in 20th. Since then, we have been unbeaten winning all bar two of our games, which we drew, whereas your results have been fairly consistent. Saying that, you have failed to take a single point from any of the top sides. Being an olde skool Brentford fan, those types of stats are made for an upset.

Your kind saying out results have been consistent! (BillytheBee – I was being diplomatic). I would say they have been dreadful – we are on a run of 4 points from 24! We lost the last 6 home games on the spin and it’s ultimately cost Graham Turner his job (though he left with head held high and dignaity intact).

Sometime you look at things like the stats and you might think that’s got upset written all over it. But honestly I’m going to the game on Saturday totally expecting a hammering. The only bright spot might be we have 4 new lads in on loan who might not all be total cr@p and your manager might not be expecting our line-up or formation. That said, we still have our usual parade of donkeys at the back so as I say a small bright spot!

We also both lost our managers since that game with Uwe Rosler departing for Wigan and Graham Turner leaving the building on his own merits. You were a big Turner fan . Were you sad to see him go?

Everyone at Shrewsbury did and still does love GT. He was already a club legend (in the hall of fame) for his spell a the club in the 70’s and to be honest, last 6 months apart, he only rose his status with fans after the promotion back to league 1. It was only ever going to get worse from that great day but he did stabilise us last year. This year he made a number of mistakes in the summer in terms of recruitment (a decent striker was a blind spot to him) and tactically he was getting out-thought by younger managers most weeks. But regardless the guy bleeds blue and amber and most fans would welcome him back on the board (or as owner) if the relevant deals can be done. It’s not the last we have seen of him for sure. So yes I was and still am a fan and was sad to see him go. But that sadness was contradicted by the fact that it was the right time for him to step down. This season everything had got very very stale unfortunately.

Your new caretaker manager Michael Jackson. I remember seeing him play at Wembley. Chris Kamara invited me to the 2nd division playoff final at Wembley in 1995 between Chesterfield and Bury when he was assistant manager at Bradford and the only thing I remember about the match was Michael Jackson was playing in defence for Bury. Oh and being introduced to Barry Fry when I resisted singing the “Barry Fry is a clown” song. Random. He ended up his career at Shrewsbury and is now in the manager’s hot seat. Do you think he’s learned enough from Turner to take the job on full time?

For me, it’s a strange one and one we could talk about for ages. I personally wanted a experienced manager in ASAP so he could work some wonders in the transfer window and save us. What we have ended up with is a half way house until Feb with Jackson in charge as caretaker in one long-winded job interview.

He’s got a really tough set of fixtures to negotiate so even then hard to judge if he’s a half decent manager or not. Adding to that, he’s already tainted by this season’s struggles as he was part of GTs backroom staff. All in all its hard to say what type of manager he is yet.

For the chairman however he’s clearly the cheapest option, and that tends to be the way the club is run so most expect him to get the job until the end of the season by which point we will be better placed to consider him longer term. It’s a big step from a coach to manager, so I blo@dy hope he learned something from GT!

We’ve just loaned our full back Logan to Aberdeen – probably for good. And have bought in Blackburn winger Alan Judge and Arsenal striker Chuba Akpom on loan. We also bought Nico Yennaris on a permanent from Arsenal and James Tarkowski from Oldham who may or may not play on Saturday before we loan him back to them (strange eh). We are rumoured to get another couple of players on loan. Have you shipped anyone in or out the last few weeks?

Its been the usual parade of loan players in. Currently we have six on the books and FA rules mean that you cant even play all of them which seems utterly pointless. However the most recent additions seem some of the strongest. We have a lad who was on the fringe of the Celtic team (Bahrudin Atajic) a decent CM from Wigan (Fraser Fyvie) and good winger at this level (Nethaniel Mendez-Laing) from Posh. Today we got a left back Joseph Mills from Burnley. The other two are Tom Eaves (who is utterly devoid of confidence) and Sidney Schmeltz (who is quick …. and that’s about it).

Its no wonder most fans refer to us as Shrewsbury Loans FC at the moment. We’re up to 16 for the season. However the good news. We haven’t sold anyone…… yet!

We were hoping you would do us a favour against Orient like Gillingham did against Wolves. There was even a Shrewsbury phantom goal announced on twitter that got everyone excited/confused/angry/disappointed (delete as appropriate) which saw you drawing at one point. Good game?

Orient….. When you have just lost the last 4 home games, and you’re 2-0 down again, you try your best to block those games out of your memory. It was another bad result for us when we really needed a point. Orient were good though. Really clinical and pacy. We had a chance at 1-0 to get level in second half but Tom Eaves messed up a perfectly presentable 1-on-1 and that was that. Their keeper was on debut and we hardly made him make a save. Town were booed of. So errr no not a good game.

You’ve played all the top teams now. Anyone take your fancy??

Wolves, we should have beaten them. A player on loan missed from 2 yards and a minute later they got a ropey pen and won 1-0. Orient were class both games home and away. Really professional wins for them. Did not rate Preston. Rotherham and Walsall were great against us and would be my picks if they make it to the playoffs. Not much between the top teams this season though in my view. Same with the bottom 10 as well. Much of a muchness.

Down at the bottom, Stevenage looks like they’re struggling. But after that it’s all to play for. How do you rate your chances against your rivals down there.

I personally think we are doomed for a number of reasons. Bristol City and Sheff United should be able to buy their way out of trouble. Some of the other teams have just hit form while we can’t buy a win. We did not even get a new manger bounce losing the first game under Jackson (despite dominating the game strangely) 3-1 to Swindon. Worse our “best” players are massively out of form. Still as you say, it’s close. A random unexpected win vs Brentford and it might look a whole lot better. We have played more games than most too. It’s a worrying time.

Do you believe that we as fans should join together and do everything we can to #SaveDarrenFerguson ?

I guess so, never really annoyed us as a fanbase, but frankly if hes half as obnoxious as his dad he mist be a grade A kn@b

Shrewsbury players and fans were fuming that your game at Colchester was called off late due to the bad weather as many were well on the way. Your club is boasting a brand new pitch with faultless drainage. No chance of it being called off is there?

We have never had a game off for rain at the new stadium. Its our rural nature. We have ex-farmers as groundsmen and man those boys know how to look after grass! Its peeing down with rain here and has been all day but no whispers about it being off.

As for Colchester, a total joke. They had three pitch inspections as far back as Thursday apparently. Then finally called it off about 1pm. The team were down there and were just as annoyed as the fans (most had got as far as Coventry which is not somewhere to stop for the day!). Not the worst though we once had a game called off 20 mins before KO in carslie. I drove from London for that one, and I hope the feeling of UTTER ANGER I felt when I turned the car around in Kendal will never be repeated!

Head to head, Shrewsbury are still just shading it winning 17 games to the Bees’ 16 with 15 games drawn. Reckon you can pull it off today?

No. But you never know do you?

Give us a score prediction

3-1 Brentford on our current home form. My optimistic side would say we would be happy with a point.

And give us a 1, 2, playoffs … And relegation quartet prediction

I think the top two now, Brentford and Orient, will get the Autos. I can’t bring myself to predict anything but amusing failure for Wolves (and they just sold Griffiths, Hennessy and Doyle so that will unsettle them). As for playoffs. Peterborough or Walsall for me.

Down – Stevenage nailed on. Bristol should go as they have been awful this season. Notts County too. Last place goes to us, Crewe or Oldham. It will go down to last day of season I think. All those teams I have mentioned have been bad enough to deserve to be relegated.

Where do you recommend away fans hang out out pre-match?

If you come by train check out town centre pubs such as the Salopian by the river (if its not flooded) or the Loggerheads (a great Medieval pub). If you’re walking up to the game there are three pubs on “Bell Vue Road” which is where the banter with the town fans will be. The Masonic (shows sky matches), The Bell Vue Tavern (great little pub) and the Grove.

From the Grove its about a 10 minute walk still but not too bad. Another pub frequented by Town fans on the way to the game is the Prince of Wales, but parking near there is a nightmare. They do a shuttle bus to the game though which is decent.

My main point is, don’t go anywhere near the ground before kick off as there is nothing about worth a visit.

I personally think a pre-match pub should have a mix of fans in. One of the best experiences of the last few years was a summers match down at yours and being in The a Griffin pub on the corner of the ground. I purchased one of your fanzines, had a burger from an outdoor bar-be-que (BillytheBee – Smiffy will be delighted) , had a couple of pints and a great chat with Brentford fans. I can say I have always really enjoyed the trips to your “gaff” as you might say as the banter from the Brentford fans is some of the best in the country.

Beesotted would like to thank Glyn (aka El Hurrecan) for taking time out to chat to us. You can catch up with him on twitter (@B_and_A_Fanzine) and also on the Shrewsbury Blue & Amber messageboard. And if you see a copy of Blue and Amber fanzine, pick one up. Good read