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I’m sure I’m not the only Bee to feel slightly disappointed that we have no midweek fixture this week with the team riding the crest of a wave that surfers would no doubt call ‘epic’.

When you’re playing football this good, with real momentum and belief building, and Lady Luck flirting with you after giving you the hard shoulder for so many years, from a fans’ perspective, it is tempting to want the games to come round as quickly as is possible. I guess you could call it a hunger for success.

But something that Mark Warburton said to me before I presented him with his copy of the Big 125 Book gave me an insight into how this fixture impatience isn’t shared by those at the helm.

I put it to the Bees boss that the frequently-sprinkled international breaks this season must be helping his team recover with so few of them (currently) being called up by their countries – and that it also gives the home and awayers some welcome rest bite too. Speaking in the eve of the Fulham game, Warbs agreed wholeheartedly … “Yes they’ve been very welcome, although now the fixtures are Saturday-to-Saturday, which is another big help (for the players to recover and prepare in more detail).” It was only a two second chat, but like everything that comes out of the hugely likeable man’s mouth, it was calm, measured and spot on.

Fixture congestion is an inevitable problem the more successful a team becomes – with bigger squads and rotation becoming an essential part in coping with cup runs and your best players flying here there and everywhere on international duty … But right here, right now, we have the perfect environment to fine-tune our club’s future, on the pitch at least.

I am acutely aware that now is a significant time in our club’s history – the second coming of Brentford is being blueprinted by Benham and Warburton and the crowds that are flocking to the games are doing so purely on the back of those gentle men’s vision – but for the fans starved of genuine success and teased by our neighbours’ top flight claims we are inevitably desperate to witness the next instalment.

Because this drama is stunningly good… Breaking Bees is even better than Breaking Bad… But sometimes you forget that to those who are central to the plot and the narrative … Tired legs, tight hamstrings and bumps and bruises are the day to day realities, not another Bees fix.

We will have to cope with our withdrawal symptoms in some other way… In my case, by watching the Fulham game on Sky catch-up for the umpteenth time.

Dave Lane