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Uwe Rosler issued a rallying cry to all Brentford fans saying “We could be the new Man City if we put all this negativity behind us”. Talking exclusively to Beesotted he felt that Brentford had the best opportunity of winning the playoffs because of the invaluable experience they had gained in cup games and in that final league game against Doncaster this season.

Rosler felt the decision to play two games in 48 hrs was a disrespect and stank of someone thinking more about money than the actual quality of the football. He stated that Brentford will have to use his players wisely to enable them to get through the two games but felt that the fans – who really lifted the team when they needed them at places like Sheffield, Crewe and Portsmouth – will be key in these two games and he urges supporters to stop thinking of the past, abandon their armchairs and shout Brentford on from the terraces this weekend.

And don’t forget, the Brentford ticket office is open Friday 3rd May 7am until 8pm and Sunday 5th May all day for Swindon tickets and possibly Monday morning. Tickets will be available to ANYONE on the database. If you are a Brentford fan and are not on the database, find a friend, a friend of a friend or tweet @beesotted and we may be able to help. We all want the stadium rocking again this bank holiday weekend.