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I was just getting ready to pop down to a Griffin Park for the Beesotted interview with Uwe when the phone rings. On the other end of the line was a very excited Richard Cadette.

For you that may not know, Richie was a Brentford striker in the early 90s. He played in Steve Perryman’s team that reached the FA cup quarter final against Liverpool and almost scored that in the first few minutes at Anfield to put Brentford one goal up. He was a legend amongst Brentford fans for his style of play and even had his own “Richard Cadette in the back of the net … Yeeeeeargh” song. He eventually went to play up in Falkirk where many a pilgrimage was made up from Brentford to go and see him play.

“Oh man” he said. ” What a finish to the season. But tell you what, we’re going to Wembley and me and my boy are going to be there”. Richie was invited by Brentford to the Bournemouth home game – his first game back at Griffin Park since he left – and he fell in love with the atmosphere once again. His son, as most kids do, aspire to go to watch premiership games – Arsenal being his poison of choice – but coming to Griffin Park made him see a more real, less sanitised football vibe that he loved. Only work commitments have kept Richie for making his way back to Griffin Park this season but he has already been making plans for watching The Bees in The Championship.

Richie was so confident the Brentford team will do it. He felt that if Brentford had choked after the Chelsea game, it would be all over for our promotion push. But the fact that we kept on grinding out results was a testament to what a good team we were and he felt that Doncaster Day will only inspire the players to go on and win. “I know what those boys are going through. And if it were my team playing, we wouldn’t be upset for long as it would make us even more determined. You don’t become a bad team overnight. The Brentford team will now go out there chomping with the bit between their teeth ready to show the world that they can really do this. I have no doubt they will continue where they left off and win promotion at Wembley. And I’ll be there cheering them on with my son”.

So as we go into the weekend, possibly Brentford’s most important weekend ever, it’s good to see we have the backing and confidence of people who have actually played the game. And as I sat late last night in a Liverpool bar chatting with a Tranmere fan who was practically in floods of tears when he found out I supported Brentford poor bloke saying that their win against us at Griffin Park was their downfall, it made me think …. We’ve done alright this season we really really have.