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The final installment of the Beesotted “Best and Worst” 2014-15 Poll Results sees us review a number of highs and lows after a brilliant memorable season. You can find the and the .

We are proud to announce that winner of the Beesotted “Best Beard Award” for 2014-15 is Stuart Dallas. The hirsutely chinned Irishman topples former winner Will Grigg with a growth described by our beard expert as “fantastic,even bristled and somewhat agricultural”.  Spare a thought for David Button and Alan Judge who share the wooden spoon following largely disappointing entries this time around. One voter added “for sheer persistence when it is simply not happening, step forward David Button”


Dallas unveils ambitious plans for wider beard

The “Most Petulant Individual” trophy was won very late in the season by a familiar face with Adam Forshaw’s horrific late tackle on Toumani Diagouraga seeing the money-grabbing midfielder surge into first position in our poll. So bad was the tackle that Adam managed to overtake both haplesss referee Keith Stroud (who had an absolute stinker of a match vs Watford) and the grotesque Steve Evans who won votes for a number of unsporting reasons – “now Darren Ferguson’s gone is there a more horrible managerial spectacle in the football league than Evans?”

Other vote-winning tools to have faced Brentford  over the season include over-celebrating Huddersfield pair James Vaughan and Harry “Bunny” Bunn, Middlesborough’s eminently dislikeable gobshite Lee Tomlin and old foe Jamie Cureton who might still be warming down on the pitch at Dagenham after his latest petulant episode.


Evans – larger than life

“Goal of the Season”  was won by a distance by Stuart Dallas’ howitzer of a second goal at Craven Cottage – which received almost 50% of the vote as well as making  Tarquin and Sebastien choke on their brioche on the day itself.  King Jota’s goals at Cardiff, Blackburn and Fulham filled 2nd-4th positions with the Spanish magician providing several of our stand out moments over the last year. Ole.


Dallas delighted at winning Beesotted award

As all fans know, football is a game of highs and lows, which takes us neatly on to the “Worst Moment of the Season” which for many supporters was “Warburton-gate” and the leaked story to The Times about the end of season departure of our popular gaffer. As one voter stated “it broke the magic of the season” as we learnt that our owner and manager were starting to pull in differing directions – “it generated division amongst the fans when the whole point of supporting a club is solidarity and unity”.

Whatever lies ahead (and let us not underestimate the positive momentum and resources that Matthew Benham has given the club), to most Bees fans Warbs is a good bloke and a great manager. We’ll find out in the future whether we have made the right decision – “the new coach has a very hard act to follow.”

It wouldn’t be Brentford without several kicks in the balls along the way and other moments which ranked highly in our poll included spawny late goals from Bent at Derby and Boro at Griffin Park plus an absolutely dreadful performance at Charlton not long after the Warburton news had broken.


Warbs – thumbs up for a great manager

Fortunately when we look back on the 2014-15 season most will have many happy memories of us walloping the “bigger” teams and playing some wonderful football. Winner of our “Best Moment of the Season” was the unforgettable late winner against local rivals Fulham at Griffin Park which sparked pandemonium on the terraces and an evening of singing in the pubs – “Friday night under the lights, first proper local derby in years, live tv, 1-0 down to win 2-1 in injury time. Ealing road was bedlam.”

Silver medal goes to the 6000 fans standing and singing “Bees Up Fulham Down” as we cantered to victory at the cottage with the unified and proud singing at Middlesborough during our playoff defeat also gathering a number of votes in the poll. The supporters really did play their part in the season.


Jota in the last minute

In fact “Bees Up Fulham Down” was also the winner of our Best Slogan/Hashtag award – who knew that a year after it’s original invention we would have still been able to use it with such relevance. We might yet get a third season out of it too.

The final award for Worst Slogan/Hashtag is shared between two equally toe-curling endeavours. First up is #BigNewAmbitions which frankly stinks like the output of an ill conceived marketing brainstorm at a local conference centre. It’s a piece of starkly generic jargon and simply doesn’t reflect what Brentford are about to many supporters – “Big new b*llocks” suggested one voter.

Equally poor was the bizarre “Football is a Village” statement issued by Brentford FC shortly after the Warburton leak. These words were seized upon by both the media and fans of other clubs as being both absurd and embarrassing – “For a club with Premier ambitions we sounded Isthmian League”. Presumably whoever wrote the statement had been drinking gin since the early hours and shouldn’t have been allowed near a computer.

 Condorman (@thecondorman) 

Full results and some more fans comments:

Best Beard


Alan Mccormack – “You tell him otherwise!” …”Pure Irish hard man beard”

Harlee Dean – “Such an amazing beard would love to touch it!!!!”

Most petulant/annoying individual


“Would choose another Boro player if i could as forshaw barely played. Tomlin, Bamford, Karanka, Leadbitter all ridiculously arrogant”

“Vaughan had little prior history with us and deliberately tried to be abrasive. Can’t wait to heckle the tw*t when he’s back next season.”

“Keith stroud – Simply because the man is not fit to referee a child’s match of football let alone a match of any sort of importance. Absolute incompetent b*stard”

Goal of the Season



“Jota in the last minute – one of the slogans of our season”

Worst Moment of the Season


“Warburton leak – It created an unease amongst the whole club and very nearly torpedoed the season. If this had not have happened perhaps we would have been in the automatic play off positions. Poor recruitment in January didn’t help this though.”

“The reality is that we have dispensed with our most successful manager since the war, a man who led us to undreamed of heights this season, and taken a huge gamble on unknowns.”

“Seeing the team sheet every week after xmas – Warburton failed to use the squad, tired legs ended up without promotion, good players didn’t play and were frustrated.”

“Signing Big Nick – We’ve suffered all season without a plan b striker.”

Best Moment of the Season


“Jota – Just the ecstasy of knowing the goal would win the game against our ‘bigger’ rivals, after going a goal down and in front of the tv cameras.”

Best Slogan/Hashtag


“Plan B is to do Plan A better – We didn’t have the depth of squad to try a completely different approach and so to avoid admitting the weakness warbs coined this expression, which we laughed at initially and came to understand why later.”

“Derby losing 3-0 to reading, ipswich losing 3-2 to blackburn  -On last days where apart from peterborough away when i was only a kid, i got so used to everything that could go wrong on it, normally did but listening and seeing everything we had hoped for go our way, well, even with a minute to go, i still wasn’t sure if i should celebrate just yet as i was expecting to hear of 4 or 5 goal turnarounds to edge us out of it for some reason but this was magical. Loved it”

“Buttons brilliant save at Norwich from Cameron Jerome – he sometimes doesn’t get the recognition and credit he deserves.”

“Final 15 minutes singing at boro away. Never been so proud to be brentford.”

“The first 45 minutes away to cardiff – unbelievable football – I hope in my lifetime i see 45 mins like that again from the bees away from home”

Worst Slogan/Hashtag

Slogan 2

“Big New Ambitions – Errm – aren’t they the same as the old ambitions ?”

“#trophyfriends – Creepy. Horrible. Nonsense.”

“Plan B is to do Plan A better – Much as i love MW, that’s such bollocks”

“We have to be more clinical in front of goal – An understatement” … “Score more goals is a bit like saying “run faster”. You just cannot make it happen.”