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This has been a moment we have known has been coming for months now. Ever since the infamous Warburton-gate back in February when someone unscrupulously leaked the story to The Times which almost, but didn’t quite, derail our season, we’ve know that this moment was on the way.

The moment when Mark Warburton would be no longer a part of the Brentford journey.

In a strange way, the fact that our season seemed never ending helped us to continuously park this moment.

Mark Warburton and his assistant David Weir have officially left Brentford FC.

And behind them they have left only good memories for us and all Brentford fans.

Mark Warburton we have to say was always open. And super friendly.

“Come down and talk to me at any time. My door is open” he would say to us at Beesotted on many an occasion.


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When we asked him if we could shoot the video for “Come on you Brentford” down at the training ground, he welcomed us down and enthusiastically got the players involved.

He popped down The Globe, as you do, with Matt Benham and his crew when we had our band charity nite down and chatted with the fans.

He took time out to chat to us and fans inside and outside the pub immediately after we had won promotion to The Championship.

He had no problem in us interviewing him and David Weir on camera at the training ground after the story of him leaving was leaked to The Times.

These little things may not be important to most people. But to us they were massive and epitomised Brentford as being a unique club. A special club. And Warburton being so open, down to earth and enthusiastic helped to keep Brentford special.

That is is something most Brentford fans treasure more than anything. We don’t want to be another Chelsea. Or another Arsenal. Or another QPR. We want to do things our own way. And he understood that.

He was “one of us”.

In addition he adopted a style of football that made Brentford fans very proud.

Exciting. Pleasing on the eye. And progressive.

Many a Brentford fan claiming they would be happy to win nothing every season as long as they continued to play this exciting brand of football.

Mark Warburton took the club forward in leaps and bounds. Both on and off the pitch. And that is something fans will never ever forget.

We thank him wholeheartedly for what he has done for Brentford football club. And wish both him and David Weir all the best for the future.

So much so, we would even publicly tip our hat to them and even wish them the best of luck if they went to F*lham …. as long as they are happy to hand us over the 6 points again next season of course (c’mon guys …. There has to be some stipulation).


Billy Grant