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It’s not often you get three Brentford players from three different decades in a room recalling their experiences from back in the day. So it was a pleasure for Beesotted to host their Christmas Bees-Up in the infamous hock cellar at the Fullers Brewery with Paul Gibbs, Richard Cadette and Carl Hutchings in the house telling tales galore.

To say it was a lively evening is somewhat of an understatement with pints of London Pride and Frontier Lager being consumed at will by the eighty or so Brentford fans in the house who took full advantage of the open bar to kickstart their festive period early.

The evening started with the DJ warming the party up in the infamous Hock Cellar as fans returned off the brewery tour. And by the time Richard Cadette, Carl Hutchings and Paul Gibbs took their seats, fans were in fine spirits.

Cadette began to recall his early footballing days. Being nearly sold to a top flight Division One (now Premier League) team. His subsequent move to Sheffield United before finding himself at Griffin Park. His rocky relationship with Phil Holder. What was going through his head when he missed that open goal against Liverpool in the FA Cup 1/4 final at Anfield. And why he eventually decided to leave the club.





Carl Hutchings gave us an insight to what it was like cleaning Richie’s boots before signing a full contract with Brentford. The nightmare of missing out on promotion to Birmingham in the mid 90s and the Bees’ subsequent penalty woe against Neil Warnock’s Huddersfield in the playoff semi-final. He also touched on the Crewe  Playoff final at Wembley. His move to Bristol City and then back to Brentford. And his relationship with Dave Webb who even sacked the whole Brentford team at half-time one week.




Paul Gibbs talked about his aborted signing to Brentford – due to a broken leg. His mounting debts. His relationship with soccer AMs Helen Chamberlain. Plus he talked us through how he scored two goals in one game – to bring his grand total goals scored for Brentford to three. And gives us the insight on a few Brentford players he had less than a lot of respect for both – one of whom dabbled with firearms quite a bit for a laugh. As you do.

Phil Giles Brentford Director of Football Catching Up with Fans

Clockwise from right – Phil Giles Brentford Director of Football, Richard Cadette, Carl Hutchings, Dave Lane and Billy Grant


All in all a good night was had by all. Shame we couldn’t top it up with 3 points at Leeds the following day.

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Billy Grant