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Walsall boss, Dean Smith, has used his pre-match interview with the Walsall Advertiser to repeat what is turning into a very dull sound bite – namely that his club have not been paid yet for last season’s leading striker Will Grigg.

Smith told the Advertiser: “We’re playing against a club with one of the biggest budgets in the league and they now boast two of the top scorers in the league from last season, albeit they’ve not paid for one of them yet!”

If Smith, who played for Walsall himself between 1989-1994, is getting so tired of this situation, perhaps he should convince his bosses to lower their valuation of Grigg. I cannot recall the last time two League One teams exchanged a player for a seven figure sum, let alone one who’s contract had lapsed for £1m plus – they’ll be lucky to get half that in my opinion – with £350,000 being more likely according to those ‘in the know’.

We believe that Brentford and Doncaster Rovers settled the Harry Forrester ‘conflict of valuations’ by being realistic and with a shared desire not to drag things out by taking the issue to a tribunal. If Walsall insists on going that route and not bartering to establish a realistic figure, then what does Smith expect?

I am sure Uwe Rosler and Mathew Benham also have one eye on the Clayton Donaldson situation in light of Grigg’s saga – the Bees striker is out of contract next summer, a situation that is already prompting transfer speculation. If the Bees want to avoid being stung again they either need to settle any contract issues sooner rather than later, or consider selling Clayton. Bees fans have huge respect for Donaldson, but sooner or later, his situation will need to be settled either one way or the other.

 Dave Lane