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Regular Beesotted contributor and respected journalist, Jim Levack, seems pretty wise not to let the Wolves-supporting cleaner in his office wash his mug!

My cleaner at work has a huge tattoo of the Wolves emblem on his inner arm. His daily routine is to hoover and then collect the used cups and mugs… apart from mine!

It’s a five-year-old Brentford mug that must, on no account, be cleaned by anyone but me. He knows that now and, after several attempts to take it, he leaves well alone.

Lately I’ve taken to sauntering out of the office whistling the “we’re top of the league’ tune and we’ve had a good bit of banter. Out of that have come several interesting facts.

  • One, Wolves fans don’t like Leon Clarke, but clearly that might change if he starts scoring.
  • Two, they believe they have a right to be promoted because they are the biggest club with most tradition in the League.
  • But three, and this is the most interesting bit, they are also – to a man – genetically programmed to expect Wolves to spectacularly blow it.

Living in the nice bit of the Midlands as I do, I worked on the Birmingham Mail for many years – a hotbed of Bluenoses, Villa fans and Wolves followers.

A good mate of mine once told me how at the end of every season the Wolves faithful used to unfurl a banner which read “You’ve let us down again”… although obviously that would have been pronounced “dowen”.

Another colleague has recently been forced to do a video blog after each game for the Mail, during which he appears to be contractually obliged to mention us and Orient.

And that brings me to my main point. Brentford under Mark Warburton seem genuinely ambivalent towards what the other contenders are up to.

Focus is a word bandied around a lot in sport, but every aspect of Brentford’s preparation for games and reaction after them reinforces the mentality around the club right now.

Brentford will perform to the best of their considerable collective abilities – backed by a superb medical team and analysts – and if that isn’t enough, then the squad is strong and deep enough to tweak things.

But the one thing that this current Bees squad has – and in 40 plus years of watching I’ve not seen better football – which could make the biggest difference, is its unity.

The players are together and it shows, especially in performances like that on Saturday when grit and gumption earned another precious point

It’s a togetherness that runs right through the club and is built on the most solid of foundations which are making the football world sit up and take notice.

My point is that once upon a time Brentford had an inferiority complex. Not any more, and the Wolves fans I see each week know it and are secretly concerned by it.

We will go into important games like Crawley with an assurance that the preparation has been faultless, and in the end that could be enough for the Molineux banner to be dusted down once again.

Jim Levack