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Brentford were now off the back of three wins in a row as Bristol City come to town. The victory at Portman Road was the first Bees’ victory against Ipswich since 1955. However, it was marked with a severe injury to Alan Judge who had his leg broken by Ipswich player Jake Hyam.

The Beesotted crew gathered in The Pilot pub in Wellesley Road, Chiswick to celebrate the Bees victory over a few pints … and discuss all things Brentford … we speak to ex Brentford defender Terry Evans about the tackle on judge as well as retired referee Colin Downey – who ran the line at an FA Cup Final back in the day.

We were chinwagging so much we did discuss the Brentford annual accounts and also the granting of the Compulsory Purchase Order on the land which was stopping the development of the Lionel Rd stadium .. but those features, along with the feature discussing the Brentford scouting system are ready to go for next week’s podcast

We did however got into a meaty discussion about Brentford … knee jerk reactions .. and whether anything has really changed since we won 3 games in a row .. or do we still really have “sh!t players .. sh!t recruitment .. and sh!t decision making” …. with Paul Grimes giving his input as a lifelong fan who feels it is important to ‘say it as it is’ if the club isn’t pulling its weight and are making mistakes … a lively discussion ensured for sure ….

In the Pilot this week discussing all things Brentford:

Billy Grant
Dave Lane
Liberal Nick Carthew
Martin The Dutchman Holland
Paul ‘Royal Oak Bee’ Grimes

On the phone

Terry Evans – Ex-Brentford defender
Colin Downey – ex-top flight referee
Andy Stockhausen, Bristol Post

0m – INTRO
8m 05 sec – Fans in the pub after the Ipswich match
13m 14 sec – Beesotted crew briefly discuss Ipswich match
15 m 39 sec – ex Brentford defender Terry Evans discusses the Hyam tackle on Judge
21m 53 sec – ex referee Colin Downey discusses the Hyam tackle on Judge
30m 10 sec – Beesotted crew discuss Hyam tackle on Judge
34m 05 sec – Where do you listen to the podcast?
35m 15 sec – An apology – Annual account discussion and CPO on Lionel Rd discussion now moved to next week’s podcast coz quite frankly we wouldn’t shut up …
35m 40 sec – “crap players. crap managers. crap organisation”. With Brentford winning three games, has anything really changed? Beesotted crew in a hearty discussion on knee jerk reactions … and what the club is doing right and wrong in their honest opinion
1 hr 15 min 30 sec – Where do you listen to the podcast?
1 hr 17 m 30 sec – Interview with Andy Stockhausen (@andystockhausen) from the Bristol Post about the Bristol City match
1 hr 26 min 56 sec – Beesotted crew talk Bristol City
1 hr 32 min 13 sec – END

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