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In this week’s Beesotted pride of West London Podcast (click the link above – forward to 15 m 39 sec), we spoke to both ex Brentford hard man Terry Evans and ex football league referee Colin Downey to get their thoughts on Jake Hyam’s leg breaking tackle on Alan Judge.

Evans – a no-nonsense defender who played for Brentford in the 90s and was a key player in the team that saw Brentford promoted to what is now The Championship back in 1992 – felt the tackle was fair and the injury, albeit unfortunate, was part and parcel of the game

“We used to see those tackles 10 or 20 times back in my day. The unfortunate thing is you can follow through and injure a player.

Football is a contact sport and we can’t lose sight of that. You run the risk of getting a career threatening injury. It’s part and parcel of the game.

The ball is there to be won. You have a job to be done. if you don’t win the ball, the manager is going to be on your case.

Its a freak accident and he’s very unlucky. He will come back stronger. Sometimes you need to take the positives out of the negatives.”

Meanwhile Colin Downey – an extremely experienced referee who officiated at an FA Cup final at Wembley and a number of Division One (now Premier League) games and refereed around the same time that Evans was playing – took a slightly different view on the tackle.

“He starts the tackle from a long way back from Alan (Judge) so you have to ask yourself how much is he (Hyam) in full control of the tackle. It was the sort of tackle that would most certainly carry a yellow card. And most likely a red.

Professional footballers are different to park footballers. They are clever as they know what they are doing when they make a tackle. Yes one foot can play the ball. But the other foot can follow through and do serious damage.

With the second leg you are not fully in control and that is where the damage can be done. Excessive force is the term used nowadays. It’s not simply a case of you getting the ball. it’s the fact that your body is used as part of the tackle – as a referee you have to take that into consideration.”

You can check out the whole PrideOfWest.London podcast (link above) which this week not only discusses the Judge injury but has a huge fiery debate on what Brentford has been doing right and what Brentford has been doing wrong as a club this season.



0m – INTRO
8m 05 sec – Fans in the pub after the Ipswich match
13m 14 sec – Beesotted crew briefly discuss Ipswich match
15 m 39 sec – ex Brentford defender Terry Evans discusses the Hyam tackle on Judge
21m 53 sec – ex referee Colin Downey discusses the Hyam tackle on Judge
30m 10 sec – Beesotted crew discuss Hyam tackle on Judge
34m 05 sec – Where do you listen to the podcast?
35m 15 sec – An apology – Annual account discussion and CPO on Lionel Rd discussion now moved to next week’s podcast coz quite frankly we wouldn’t shut up …
35m 40 sec – “crap players. crap managers. crap organisation”. With Brentford winning three games, has anything really changed? Beesotted crew in a hearty discussion on knee jerk reactions … and what the club is doing right and wrong in their honest opinion
1 hr 15 min 30 sec – Where do you listen to the podcast?
1 hr 17 m 30 sec – Interview with Andy Stockhausen from the Bristol Post about the Bristol City match
1 hr 26 min 56 sec – Beesotted crew talk Bristol City
1 hr 32 min 13 sec – END