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Well, there we have it – another season finished and I can safely say that in all of my years of supporting the mighty bees, this has been the best one.

We’ve come a million miles since the days where our team was filled with has-beens and never-wills, we’ve entered a new era where the words Brentford and Premiership have been mentioned in the same sentence by our Chairman on the telly!

Of course, even the most optimistic bees fan doesn’t see this happening next year, but with Brighton managing to get into the play-offs and a “big club like Birmingham” relying on an injury time equaliser to avoid relegation, you would have to say that anything is possible.

For me, a couple of consolidation seasons in the Championship would set us up perfectly for Sir Matthew Benham’s vision to become a reality – anywhere above 15th would be a great achievement and something to build on.

We won’t go down, I never thought I’d say it, but….. we are too good! Our club has laid down the foundations to become a Premiership side within the next five years. Blimey!

Yesterday was all about one man – King Kevin O’Connor. The man is a Brentford legend and he thoroughly deserved a 10,000 man standing ovation, a mention on the football league show and his own twitter trend – #kingkev500. Even his wife, the lovely Penny O’Connor, is adored by the fans. She was a bag of nerves while she tweeted that Kev was “ironing his shirt, cool as ever”. This sums up the man perfectly.

When everybody around him loses their head, he’s cooler than the other side of the pillow. When my 3 year-old daughter was the mascot for the Port Vale game, she ran around in the tunnel and then jumped straight into his arms – she’s a bit bonkers (as are all 3 year olds!), but obviously a good judge of character.

Congratulations King Kev on an amazing achievement and I hope your family enjoyed your day as much as the fans did.

Finally, a mention for the opposite type of player. At the end of last season, Harry Forrester left us because he wanted to play Championship football. In all fairness to the lad, he did. He played 7 league games in the Championship and now he’ll spend the next 46 in League One while his previous employers are playing at the level that he craved for.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I’m sure if he could turn the clock back and stay at Griffin Park then he would. I have no sympathy for the lad, there’s no doubt that he is a fantastic talent but he probably needs to have a word with his advisers – Doncaster Rovers have proven over the last season that they aren’t a bigger club than Brentford.

So, the likes of Fulham, Cardiff and (if Uwe does us a favour or they don’t go bankrupt) QPR await us next season…

Maybe 2015 will be my new favourite year.

Daniel Vine