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After last week’s disappointing performance against Colchester that seemed to divide opinions amongst the fans, Mark Warburton has already stated that he will not allow this kind of performance to happen against Stevenage.

The players have come out and apologised in the media for the under-par performance, and it will certainly be interesting to see if the players react positively.

Most fans will most likely see positive reactions from players who are not yet Brentford players as signs that they want to stay with us. If some players don’t put in a shift, then from my point of view, their hearts aren’t in it and we’ll most likely lose them.

So, to the last of the anticlimactic games, where the result doesn’t really matter. We are up against “THE” Boro. Yup, “THE” Boro. Already relegated and already preparing for next season as Graham Westley made wholesale changes to the team that beat Walsall last week.

“THE” Boro have turned to their youth players to provide them experience and it worked as they picked up their first win in 11 games! In fairness to “THE” Boro, in 2014, they’ve only lost by more than 1 goal in 2 games, and that was in away games against Leyton “we don’t like other teams celebrating important wins” Orient and Bristol “we are a big club, honest” City.

A few non-interesting facts about “THE Boro”…….They were formed in 1976 and are based in Stevenage. They were the first team to win a competitive final at the new Wemb-er-lee in 2007.

They go on quite a bit about an FA Cup 4th Round tie against Newcastle United because they had a crowd of 8040, Newcastle didn’t want to play there because it was a bit too non-league for them, they got the Sun to sponsor the game and had one of their players painting a page 3 girl (because he was a painter by trade), they drew against Newcastle at home 1-1 (apparently Kenny Dalglish complained about the balls being too bouncy) and then went away to lose 2-1 to two controversial goals that apparently never were. Exciting times being a “THE” Boro fan.

Brentford fans will, of course, be hoping that King Kev will be making his 500th appearance for the club against “THE” Boro. There are, already, a number of tributes to our loyal club captain, but needless to say, the Brentford masses are eagerly awaiting to provide an outpouring of man-love for what could, perhaps, be the last player to make 500 appearances for the club for a very long time indeed. Of course, Clayton might also make an appearance too, which will mean that he has played every league game this season. Did you know that Clayton has contributed 24% of all of our league goals this season?

The Stevenage game is “party time” for us fans, with every seat in the house sold out. Regardless of the previous poor performances against Franchise FC aka MK Dons and the U’s, I think that the Brentford team to face “THE” Boro is going to put in one last effort before they do pack their bags and head off on their holidays. So, what to expect?

Lots of Bees fans getting quite drunk at the local pubs. A packed house, apart from the Stevenage end where a few hundred “THE Boro” fans attempt to make light of their poor season. Lots of Bees fans singing the Super Kev O’Connor song.

Possibly even a giant Conga on the Ealing Road. More effort from the lads and possibly even some truly champagne football as the young starlets from “THE” Boro get over-awed. A few people moaning if we aren’t 4-0 up by half-time.

And a not very spontaneous pitch invasion at the end of the game, possibly even before the final whistle as fans fail to contain their delight at having been promoted a couple of weeks ago!

So, enjoy the game and party if you’re going. If you’re not, then unlucky.

Dan “Leicester Bee” Suh