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Brentford fans are only too aware of the struggle some clubs go through to secure the land, and indeed raise the finances, to build a new community stadium – it would be fair to say that the Bees have had to battle tooth and nail over the Lionel Road project and there has been little in the way of charity in TW8.

In contrast, West Ham United appear to have won the proverbial lottery in being ‘gifted’ the Olympic Stadium, and the heavily subsidised costs of converting the Stratford plot for football use – of the £272m redevelopment costs, West Ham United have only had to chip in £15m.

This Tax Payer windfall has prompted the Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust to start lobbying MPs in an attempt to force a re-evaluation of West Ham’s rental contract, which they also feel is a commercial threat to bot the Addics and Leyton Orient.

If you are interested in offering your support, more details can be found at http://www.castrust.org.