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As you are no doubt aware, singing sections at away games is one our main bug bears. It creates an area where fans who want to be rowdy and get behind the team can do so without fear of being told to calm down. Fans who prefer not to be involved in such activity then have the choice to sit anywhere else in the stadium. Wembley is a big place so there is plenty of room for both type of fan

The club have put together a singing section for Wembley. Two blocks. Showing how popular such a section is, that section has seemed to have sold out in less than an hour. Hopefully the club will be looking at creating a larger singing section elsewhere in the away end. Maybe four or five times as big. With 30k tickets to sell, we don’t think this should be too much of an inconvenience.

The club have been very amenable so far and hopefully they will realise this will make both the fans and the team happy as we will have a large caucus of very vocal support lifting the crowd – many of whom will be part-time Brentford fans and neutrals – getting right behind the team and hopefully lifting the rest of the crowd. Remember how flat Carlisle was. We really don’t need those vibes again. Maybe we should hand out songs sheets while we’re at it

Keep watching Beesotted. Hopefully we will have more news very shortly