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The Mark Warburton rumour mill is starting to spin a little faster today, with the Sunday papers suggesting that both of the Bees’ fiercest local rivals – QPR and Fulham – are considering snapping up our current manager, along with David Weir, when the season comes to a close next month.

After the cat was well and truly let out of the bag in ‘that’ Times article a couple of months back, in what will always be remembered as Warburtongate, the lid seems to have been screwed down tight regarding leaked information to the media, but with the Bees continuing to push for promotion, and little sign of a coming together between the ideologies or power of veto between the club’s owner, Mathew Benham, and the gaffer… Warburton’s stock still continues to rise, and just like the photo below suggests, the future should be bright.

Much has been written, and podcasted, about on the what will remain a divisive issue between fans, but although it would appear that normal business has been resumed and a professional focus has been maintained, we’d be naive to think that other clubs aren’t considering snapping up one of the most promising, and likeable, emerging coaching partnerships in the business.

Click here to listen to Beesotted’s exclusive interview with Warburton and Weir just click play below.

According to The Sunday Mail today; “Fulham will sound out Brentford manager Mark Warburton about taking over at Craven Cottage with owner Shahid Khan planning to release a budget of £20million to spend on new players.” However, the names of West Ham United and Glasgow Rangers have also been mentioned both online and in the newspapers… depending on whether the managerial merry-go-round starts spinning as fast as the rumour mill obviously.

Warburton will, of course, not be discussing his medium term future until the season is over, if indeed he ever does while he is manager of our club, but that won’t stop others talking about one of the most contentious issues in our club’s post War history. Brace yourselves Bees, this is one subject that is not going to fade away any time soon.

Dave Lane