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Time to forget the league for a few days as Brentford welcome Premier League Leicester to Griffin Park on Saturday.

And the Beesotted crew met in The Lamb and Flag pub in Covent Garden to discuss whether they were up … for the cup.

We looked back on the draw to Huddersfield and asked whether it really was that bad a result? And how do we address the long term?

We also looked back at their most up for it FA Cup moment … and also their worst FA Cup moments.

And Rishi from Leicester City LGBT group Foxes Pride gives us the lowdown on Leicester City … and lets us know if the Foxes are up … for the cup
In the Lamb and Flag:
Billy The Bee Grant
Dave Laney Lane
Ian The West Brook Westbrook
Lord Lou Can Boyd
0 min – (long) Intro – how much are we up for the cup?
29 min 7 sec – Fans after the Huddersfield match
32 min 24 sec – Beesotted crew discuss what the Huddersfield result has meant in the long-term. What does Brentford need to do to ensure they don’t fall away from the playoff challenge?
1 hour 3 mins 50 sec – Rishi from Leicester City’s Foxes Pride gives us the lowdown on Leicester City
1 hour 10 min – Beesotted crew discuss Leicester game
1 hr 23 min 0 sec – END