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Bidwell to QPR? Is David Button out the door? Does the new Chief Scout really have a Man United and Everton background? Are we really looking to raid Walsall of their best players? What did the academy parents have to say about it closing? Did Steve Evans really get removed from Leeds by crane? Did the most deserving teams win the playoff finals? Are the FA really to blame for Brentford’s poor spell early in 2016? Have the Germans really put the Berlin wall back up for the summer? Will Beesotted be using all their tickets through to the final for the Euros?

An absolutely BUMPER podcast brought to you from The George IV in Chiswick High Road, W4 .. which is about as near to the beach as we will get this week .. until we make our way to sunny Marseilles next weekend for the Euros.

In the pub:

Billy Grant
Dave Lane
Liberal Nick Carthew
Matt Allard
Martin The Dutchman Holland

0m – Intro
8m 04 sec – Playoff Finals Discussion. Did any ‘proper clubs’ get promoted?
23m 01 sec – Brentford win at Chelsea. You can always rely on Cleve West to sort out the TW8 hoodoo in SW6
24m 33 sec – The manager sack race. Who’s out and whos in? And the Brentford Head Scout job. Is it an ex Bee who worked at Man United? Or is it another ex Bee?
34m 44 sec – Alan Judge’s FA charge for drugs overdose – asthma inhaler-gate
39m 26 sec – Brentford transfer discussion. Is Bidwell leaving? Will Button sign another contract? Are we really raiding Walsall? Is Canos coming home? Is the player gossip true? Was it a good thing Swift “didn’t do a Pritchard?” in his 1st season? Do we really need another central midfielder?
1h 06m 29 sec – Interview with parents of scholars from Brentford’s defunct academy
1h 18 m 24 sec – Beesotted crew talk about the academy closing and discuss the where he mentions the academy possibly going to Cat 1
1h 32 m 35 sec – Brentford ticket price next season – will it tie in with the clubs’ ‘affordable football’ campaign (lowering the £35 upper price level) – as in the article
1h 24 m 36 sec – Euros championship chit chat
1h 41m 37 sec- END