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With Euro 2016 fast approaching, Beesotted and The72 Review took a trip to Marseilles to get a feel from the locals on the forthcoming European Championship.

We got their thoughts on England’s first visit to Marseilles since the troubles of ’98 and asked if they were looking forward to a major tournament returning to their city.

We also got their views on the security forces having to deal with hundreds of thousands of football fans arriving from all over Europe. As you can see from the video above, the reply was scathing.

The French police’s way of dealing with large groups of travelling fans in Ligue 1 is to simply ban them from away matches. So at the recent Marseilles v PSG match at The Velodrome that we attended, there quite simply were no away fans.

Subsequently, Marseille Ultras labelled the police and authorities as ‘Incompetent’ for taking the easy route in dealing with fans – slightly worrying with an impending terrorist threat to deal with on top of a football tournament.

Both features will air on the Ball Street video channel as well as within the next few days.