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Sheffield Wednesday are on a roll. Unbeaten in the league in 2016. Brentford fans are depressed. Despite a good showing up a Preston, the Bees have been hammered twice on TV 3-0 in recent weeks and their season sees to be ebbing away rapidly.

But hold on .. the team is firmly lodged in mid table … some may say established as a Championship side. What’s the problem?

The Beesotted crew gather to chat football including Nick Proschwitz’s ball in face own goal … hanging with the ultras of Marseilles before, during and after their match against PSG last weekend … the 1 year anniversary of Warburton-gate … Liverpool’s ticket price demo success … plus we speak to James from The Wednesday Week podcast about all things Wednesday ….

We also discussed The72Review video story on the Sheffield Wednesday revival

In the studio:

Billy Grant
Dave Lane
Matt Allard
Nick Carthew

plus James Marriott from The Wednesday Week

0m – Intro and Marseilles Ultras discussion
13m 22 sec – Fans in the pub after the Brighton game
17m 10 sec – Brighton discussion by the Beesotted crew
19 m 01 sec – Warburton-gate 1st anniversary … Liverpool’s ticket demo .. QPR tickets on sale ….
36 m 45 sec – Chat to James from The Wednesday Week podcast
56 m 03 sec – Beesotted crew chat Wednesday match
1hr 00m19 sec – END

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