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Aaah, the close season. Don’t you just love it. It’s the time of year when agents are at their busiest, feeding spurious tales of want-away strikers and disenchanted defenders to any media organisation that will listen.

Bored football fans already fed up with long Saturdays to kill are a captive audience, and the longer the spell with no news the more excitable we get.

“Drogba set to leave Fenerbahce”, screamed the headline… I have to admit I found myself, albeit briefly, wondering whether he’d fancy a new challenge by the Thames.

Of course the reality is very different and Brentford now handle their transfer dealings under the tightest security, with the club only confirming a signing once the deal is done.

I remember in 1986 Frank McClintock proudly revealing that he’d signed Chelsea winger Paul Canoville, only for the player to be poached from under our noses by Reading.

That wouldn’t happen now, but the clamour for even the tiniest bit of transfer gossip will mean the Bees will be linked with many names between now and August.

So far the count has already reached around a dozen players – who knows, one or two might even be genuine – as agents tout their clients far and wide, with reporters only too willing to fill a few column inches.

Study the released lists of clubs in the top two flights and it’s like going out for a meal to a really, really posh restaurant where every dish is mouthwateringly tempting.

But, and this happens to me quite a lot, if you order in haste it’s easy to repent at leisure as the bloke on the next table gets the stunning plate you dithered over before plumping for something else.

The real positive is that, so far, almost all of Mark Warburton’s signings have come off and, to my mind, that really is quite an achievement.

But next season he will face the stern test of trying to tempt players with proven Championship track records to Griffin Park to complement the footballing squad he already has at his disposal.

The last time we were in the Championship I remember we played Tranmere at home near the finale, as we battled – vainly as it turned out – to stay in the second tier.

We dominated them – as I’m sure we will do to some teams next season – and then they broke in the 80 somethingth minute, scored and it was another nail in the relegation coffin.

The biggest challenge for Warburton will be to find a clinical finisher (or two) but then every other manager will have the same filter settings on their Championship Manager transfer list.

I’m certain Brentford have players capable of ‘doing a Grabban’ and making the transition, but – and it’s only a personal view – we lack a little lightning pace off the mark either through the middle or down the flanks.

Several times he mentioned the lack of a clinical edge last term, but unfortunately the kind of players capable of solving that don’t come cheap in either transfer fees or salary.

But until the signings are sealed, now is the time when we can all dream… just a little.

Welcome to the Championship!

 Jim Levack