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Brentford have lost four games in a row. Their top defender has gone on strike. A well loved midfielder has left for Spain. We’re being lambasted by national radio. Is it panic stations in the Bees camp?

On top of that, Brentford have just lost out on George Evans – the Man City midfielder who was on loan at Walsall and looked dead certain to be signed to Brentford before Reading came in and stole the deal at the last minute.

The Beesotted crew converge in a Central London drinking establishment to discuss the mood in the Brentford camp … as well as where we are at with Tarkowski … How he has been totally usurped in the ‘manners’ stake by Jota … what is the matter with Talksport jock Adrian Durham …. Now that our head is above the parapet and opposition teams finally take us seriously, do we need to have to be even more ahead of the game when it comes to signing players …. And what exactly is a sh!tpuffin?

In the studio this week:

Billy Grant
Savvy Bee
Edwood the Headwood
Martin The Dutchman
Dave Lane

0 m – intro
4 m 26 sec – Fans in the pub Burnley match
7m 01 sec – Beesotted crew discuss Burnley
17m 24 sec – Beesotted crew discuss Tarkoswki, Jota, new signings, sh!tpuffins and general industrial action malarkey
56 m 32 sec – Beesotted crew look forward to Preston
1 hr 19 m 42 sec – end