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Beesotted contributor Luis Adriano harks back to the seasons of pain endured by Brentford fans and players and predicts that will be enough motivation to drive the Brentford players into an end of season winning streak

Sorry to get all psychological but something Richard Lee (@DickieLee) said on @Beesplayer yesterday really resonated with me and spoke volumes about the current Bees situation.
“People will do more to avoid pain than they will to seek pleasure.”
Why was he mentioning this and why am I compelled to talk about it further?

It’s all about the psychology of teams at this ‘squeaky bum’ time of the season. He was saying how we needed to be wary of Notts County as teams fighting for survival down at the bottom of leagues can sometimes do more to avoid the pain of relegation, than teams at the top seeking the pleasure of promotion or championships.

At first, I thought, ah nah, Derry’s Men will come out, get in our faces and out battle us as we fail to match their endeavour. With the current leaders of the Conference almost mathematically back in the League, which set of professional footballers would not be giving their all to avoid the pain of a trip to Luton next season? We, meanwhile are only seeking the pleasure of probable trips to Craven Cottage and Loftus Road among other venues.

However, it then hit me that young Marcello’s infamous kick from 12 yards, might actually now have a long term benefit to us all. No, seriously, that rattling of the crossbar, the ball falling to Billy Paynter on the wing, then nestling in Simon Moore’s net, all before you had the time to say “It’s Brentford Innit,” may have been for the best after all.

Yes, if we had a pie chart of ‘Brentford Fans Pain vs Pleasure’ over the last 30 years or so, then the Pain slice of the pie will be Neil Shipperley’s and the Pleasure slice, say Victoria Beckham’s. Yep, pretty much an all Pain Pie.

Many fans will be convinced it will stay like this. It won’t. Maybe imagine Shipps is on a diet. The Pleasure part of the Pie is about to increase.
Promotion at the moment is a necessity you see. Right now, we are not even seeking pleasure.

Even for the young fans, and also players, who haven’t sat through: the 1985 Mike Newell handball at Wigan in the Freight Rover Trophy Final… actually, that will do. I was going to list all the Bees Pain since then but I want to get this piece finished before we go up.

Even for the young fans, and also players, who may only know that penalty as their Bees’ pain, they never, ever want to experience pain like that again. The team and management are doing everything they can to avoid the pain of staying in this absolute bastard of a league.

For us all, at the moment, the drive is all about avoiding the pain of last May. There can be no repeat. There can be no Play Off campaign. ‘That penalty’ will drive us on. ‘That penalty’ will eventually make the pleasure of promotion all the more sweet.

For the last six games of the season, we will be racing to the finishing line. We are currently in a fantastic position, even with Rotherham suddenly becoming Usain Bolt behind us.

The thing is, League One 2013/14 is a marathon not a sprint so sorry Usain, too late, not for you this time. I think back to 1992 and the only time in my life we’ve left this league the right way. We won the last six games to take the title (even if Saint & Greavsie congratulated Brum on winning it ahead of ‘Round 46’). We are in such a better position now than then and we have the added benefit of ‘that penalty’.

#Beelieve folks. Everyone is so busy busting a gut to avoid the pain of not getting promoted that it is only when we do confirm our place in the top two that we will feel the pleasure. I don’t want to go there with trying to describe something in comparison to what that pleasure will feel like either.
Ps. A similar WWWWWW finish to this season would be nice. Although, to be fair to this team, would eclipse 92 as it would actually be WWWWWWW. Come On You Bees!

Luis Adriano