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Having just about survived the terrible floods down in Somerset, Beesotted’s cartoonist from the early 1990s, Cris Glascow, has emerged from his submarine to share his thoughts on the post-Wolves vibe.

Since they picked themselves up from the debacle of Stevenage away last autumn, the Brentford players have gelled beautifully during games with a mixture of stoic experience and young raw talent. The style of play at times has been a real joy to watch. It has also been pleasing to note that with both Mark Warburton and his predecessor Uwe Rosler relying heavily on the squad system, injuries and suspensions have almost gone unnoticed during the club’s 19 match unbeaten league run.

Inevitably, all good things come to an end and, in our heart of hearts, we must have known that a day like last Saturday (22 February) would be lurking mischievously around the corner. So the Bees finally succumbed to a well-drilled side whose tactics were effective on the day.

So what? As far as I am concerned, and as hardened supporters, we have seen the Bees lose many times (probably more than they have won if I bother to count the games I have been to). The point is that after such a long positive run, does the Wolves defeat matter? The answer is a resounding no providing:

  • The players and management fully understand why they lost both in terms of tactics and skill levels (I wont question effort) and
  • They work out an appropriate game plan to overcome the opposition should similar tactics be deployed by another side in the future. After all, what you saw from Wolves on Saturday was not revolutionary – just very well executed.

I’ve made it sound easy. Of course, if it was, I would be banging on the Boardroom door asking to have a go. In regrouping the squad ready for another winning run though, Mr W has a significant challenge ahead of him starting with the next match on Saturday.

His high pressing game has been exciting and productive in terms of points, but he now needs to really dig deep with his players to make sure that they prepared for the 600 mille round trip to not-so-sunny Cumbria. Carlisle United will certainly be no pushovers and were of course the victors in December when the Bees played them in the FA Cup.

Having chewed over this for the last couple of days, I think the Bees will do it. The side know they could have won last weekend. At this level, there are very fine limits between success and failure and the final scoreline against Wolves appeared to flatter the opposition. We must accept it though and move swiftly on.

The players will hopefully be itching to get out next Saturday to exact their revenge – in fact it’s almost a pity there hasn’t been a midweek game to try and get the Wolves result out of our systems. As fans, we can all play our part in supporting them (loudly) through this next hurdle. Having been through so much, we must never give up! COYB!

Cris Glascow