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Beesotted’s Jim Levack looks back at the monumental win over Manchester United.

The two highlights of an unforgettable, breathless and historic afternoon came, for me, in the second half.

The win all but secured – Brentford don’t tend to do inexplicable capitulation any more – both were small things but potentially massive in the season’s wider context.

It’s the 58th minute, United break quick and a consolation goal beckons… until Bryan Mbeumo, on the edge of the opposition box second earlier, races back to become the second last man and avert the danger.

His willingness to do the dirty work in his team mates’ moment of need was a stellar lesson in how to play for your team-mates. In a team.

It’s one United, Christian Eriksen et al, temporarily – until their dxxxhead minority are weeded out – appear to have forgotten.

The second came on minute 72, the imperious Mathias Jensen leaving the pitch after a masterclass in hard running, inventive football to be given a half high five of appreciation from his one-time mentor Christian Eriksen.

It must have taken a lot for the Man Utd new boy to salute his compatriot but anyone who’s played the game knows the unwritten code that if you’re decent and you’ve been schooled then acceptance sets you apart.

Eriksen’s decision to choose financial stability ahead of happiness and a comfortable income looked flawed by 7.15 on Saturday night. There’s a lot to be said for enjoying your football. Several short months after riding the Brentford wave, I doubt he’s enjoying his right now.

Deployed as a false 9 last week and then a 6 this, there appears to be little or no structure at United, a group of individuals lost at sea against a team with a clear but flexible plan. Only one winner.

In stark contrast, the sometimes misunderstood Mathias played with a fire in his belly and a point to prove to Denmark’s ‘superstar’.

Prove it he did in devastating style, pressing for the second goal and creating the fourth with a cool interception, good body shape and decisive long ball for Ivan Toney’s sumptuous first-time ball to Bryan, this time at the right end.

Taking the next step will mean hitting the high levels consistently but if Mathias can produce week in, week out like he did here, he could be one of the Premier League’s most sought after.

He’s got the lot. Great technique, vision, an array of passes and huge awareness. Against United he had the final piece of the jigsaw, that desire to prove a point. It gave him the extra few per cent that separates the good from the great.

Like most Bees fans it’s lovely waking up and basking in the afterglow of a job brilliantly done and watching an incredulous media’s sudden realisation that there’s something special happening in TW8.

But the bar has been set now and the very best sides hit that every week. It will be tough, but with the strong values, technique and hard work etched in the Brentford DNA, anything is achievable. As we saw.

Jim Levack