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Amidst the very minor Chomp fervour which preceded the Brentford game against Chelsea, Beesotted took to twitter to try and come up with a team of confectionery punned Bees.

With the help of numerous punsters, we’ve come up with two XIs and a few spares – we’ve tried to give credit where it’s due :

First XI
Manager – Freddo Callaghan (@botzarelli)

Lolly Gotskalsson (@beckmanjoel)
Milk Trayleum Logan (@chrishorrocks31)
Cadburys Cream Legge (@mark_bee)
Terry Evans Chocolate Orange (@stueyglooshoes)
Flake Bidwell (@fatwhit5)
Marcus Jelly Bean (@T_Churchyard)
Francis Mojoseph (@michaelo_uk)
Tobleroney Folan
Kit Kat Kruse
Roses Ademola (@malcolmward3)
Murray Mint Jones (@mark_bee)

Second XI
Manager – PicNicky Forster (@stevebutler4)

Gerry Cakebread
Ryan Flake (@mark_bees)
Love Heart-lee Dean
John Halls Soothers
Karleigh and the Chocolate Factory
Terry Twirlock
Candy McCulloch (@malcolmward3)
Haribo Forrester (@themattallard)
Gordon Quality Sweetzer
Rowan Vine Gums (@malcolmward3)
Mars-ello Trotta (@michaelo_uk)

Unused Subs
Charlie Caramac-donald
Joel KitKatmarike (@chrisbrentford)
Jay Tabblerone (@jdevivenot)
Halls Lozengo Pinamonte (@paulypauluk)
Kevin Rippley
Danny Chocolate Box-all
Ron “Chomper” Harris (@HistoryMartin)
Andy Flumpton (@ricks1305)
Chewitt Nelson (@patsdonnelly)
Andy Sminton (@peterakinson83)