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Two teams meet with a so so record – with Forest having won one, drawn one and lost six of their last eight matches.

The Beesotted crew hooked up on the edge of QPR territory – at the Queens Head Pub in Brook Green, Hammersmith to discuss all things Brentford including the loss to Blackburn, the loan window, what the ‘disbanding of the Brentford analytics team’ means for Brentford plus we speak to Danny from Wiklow and Wetton – the Forest Video bloggers – about the upcoming match between the Bees and the tricky trees.

In the pub

Billy Grant
Dave Lane
Nick Carthew
Matt Allard
Mick Lynott

Plus on the phone – Danny from Wiklo and Wetton (Forest Video Blog)

0m – Intro

7m 34 sec – Fans in the pub after the Blackburn match

11m 03 sec – Beesotted crew discuss Blackburn match

23m 14 sec – Beesotted crew discuss the loan window shutting on Brentford

36m 58 sec – Discussion of the ‘disbanding’ (or is it re-arranging?) of the SmartOdds stats team that were working on Brentford and FCM

50 m 37 secs – Chat with Danny from @WikloAndWetton (Forest Video Bloggers)

1hr 1m 12 sec – Beesotted crew discuss Forest

1hr 9m 12 sec – END

Reference: The Inside Story of StarLizard (Brighton owner Tony Bloom) – Business Insider

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