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So with Brentford being out the FA Cup, Saturday 4th January is now a free Saturday.

Rotherham are also out the cup so they also have a free Saturday on 4th January.

Brentford are currently playing Rotherham on Tuesday 25th March. If the winter gears up like its meant to, we could see ourselves with a run of back to back Tuesday-Saturday games in the new year.

Surely it makes sense for this game to be shifted back to Saturday 4th January. That will not only fill up a free Saturday will also give both teams a full week between games before they go into the Easter schedule.

There is no hassle for the police. Both Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield Utd are playing away in the FA Cup that day.

It will also be much easier on away fans (and home fans) who will find it much easier to travel on a Saturday than on a Tuesday. With the Football League and the Football Supporters Federation currently championing a campaign to encourage clubs to make away travel an easier and more pleasurable experience for fans, surely this date move is a no brainier.

A Tuesday night trip to Rotherham will be a pain for many Brentford fans. It means half a day off work for most and there will be no return train as the last train back is 9.54pm – so it’s car, coach or an overnight stay.

Currently cheapest fares for Saturday Jan 4th are £12 return by coach and £27 return by train (you have to know what sites to go to .. to book these relatively cheap train combinations .. But we’ve just checked a few station combinations and the cheap fares are still there).

As both Brentford and Rotherham are on a bit of a roll, we would like to think both teams would fancy playing each other right now. For many Brentford fans, Rotherham is a new stadium and will want to go there. A Saturday game will be is a big incentive for the travelling masses.

Maybe behind the scenes Mark Warburton or Steve Evans may fancy giving their team a Saturday off after playing 3 games in 7 days over Xmas which is fair enough. That’s a decision for the management.

Saying that, one lesson learned from Brentford constant changing the team over the last couple of seasons is that there is nothing to beat momentum and continuity. And that’s something both Brentford and Rotherham certainly have at the moment.

Maybe we’re wrong and after a day out in Peterborough on New Years Day, most fans will fancy a Saturday off. Not the fans we’ve spoken to so far.

So let’s at least ask the question to @officialRUFC and see if we can get a day out on January 4th.

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