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Serbian Tabloid Newspaper Article on Brentford: BLIC at Brentford Stadium. English football – Song, Song and “Meat in the Meat”

Serbian Tabloid Newspaper Article on Brentford: BLIC at Brentford Stadium. English football – Song, Song and “Meat in the Meat”

This article on Brentford’s 5-1 win against Blackburn Rovers was google translated from Serbian National Tabloid Newspaper Blic on Monday 4th March and has bought a few smiles to people’s faces 

For English football, they say it’s special, and for the Championship (second ranking of the competition) it’s crazy for itself. Violet Piccadilly from a subway line from the center of London to some 11 kilometers of the distant suburb of Brentford, with a red-dotted line with a red dabldeker, in less than an hour.

From the descent from the South Iling Station, you find yourself at the worker’s end, the stunning array of low-rise houses of dark-colored bricks, the mixed-goods store most commonly sold by immigrants, local laundry rooms, cheaper supermarket chains.

Nearly imperceptible, in the block of houses, Griffin Park, a beautiful English playground, was built in 1904, initially with a stand-up stand that now stands at 12,763 viewers. While football was not number one, the Brentford Municipality administration planned to provide its citizens with adequate recreational recreation during the cold autumn and winter period

For then, at the end, the main occupation was rowing. History says that at a meeting at the local pub, at the opening of the sports playground, members of the rowing and cricket club should decide who will still get appointments at the Griffin Park. Two local characters intervened, and Brentford Football Club, founded in 1889, received a new home.

I would not be burdening you with the history of this English league yet, I will only say that, like any club from the soccer cradle, it has its secrets, bright moments, fans, tears and laughter.

New Road Stand

You approach the stadium from several streets, between houses where locals cut trees and sit in the courtyard. The pub on the corner is full, drunk on the street, from big mugs. The visiting fans are going through their jerseys, a little get-together and galling, and a song about their club. There is no barren, torch, no fear. Parents lead children, elderly people walk slowly towards Griffin Park, their local temple of football.

It is that the club is nominally in the second league, but the organization is at the level of any European champion. Thirty meters from the main gate, the grandson of a big girl shouts “buy an official program, just three pounds.” The program is a book, sixty pages of history, interviews, pictures of young people, fans, sponsorship ads, and statistics page for the current match. A club store, a small wooden house freshly reddened with bright red, is full of people and children who renew their collection of club jerseys and features. In the store, two injured players sign club cards. There are also retro jerseys, children’s sets, reduced club jackets. Everyone has a logo of a famous company, sponsors of the club, and a coat of arms – a bee, which is their nickname.


Predrag Mihaolovic & Ras Srbija from Blic Newspaper

The stadium was built long ago, but has a style, Šmeka, has an emotion. Combination of wood and concrete, mostly freshly painted in the colors of the club red and white-black. Before entering the forum, several refreshments shops – virgins, snacks, beers and juices. All cheap (for London terms), waiting in line, patiently and without pushing. Entering the stands, feel the spirit of such a football – commenting on the lineup, challenging the opposing fans who are accommodated at their tribune, bouncing the players in the heat, ovating the coach.

Two things are especially fascinating, from the second row of the eastern stand where we are sitting, it’s enough to give and touch the grass, dense and perfect English grass. The southern stands are the core of the Niagara football – its majesty: a stand for standing. Fixed concrete and rods between rows to lean. On the floor of the seed, plastic glasses, the newspaper … From here, they are cheering for Brentford, but this is a jungle where there are girls, women, children. No crowd, just a song.

Griffin Park Terrace

Approximately 10,000 spectators attended a men’s soccer game – you heard the “meat in the meat” bouncing next to the autolon, there is no foil, it’s rough but honest. There are many foreigners in both teams, but this is not Chelsea’s Premier League or Tottenham, this is West London and Champions League. At the end 5: 1 for the domestic turning point (I comment with my colleague that we were lucky to see the best match of that weekend at the Championship). We agree that it would be spectacular and that it ended with 0: 0. Because all this was the second dimension, and another one going to the club shop and beer in the pub on the corner just completes a wonderful impression.


Brentford’s main local rivals are QPR and Fulham, and on a few occasions there have been serious violations of the matches with the club in which Aleksandar Mitrovic and Lazar Markovic play today. With QPR rivalry comes from the fact that in 1967 they tried to take over the club and the stadium. They failed …

Brentford took the club colors from the rowing club and were fairly extravagant – a combination of salmon, light blue and dark red (?!), But the club actually went through the real metamorphosis of changes over the first three decades of life and across bluish-blue, blue-yellow and white The blue combination has come to the final, red-white-black combination that it still has today.




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