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And now we have the ultimate 6 pointer for the Bees.

Brentford go up to Derby of the back of a stop-n-go run. Derby have not had the best month or so .. but a win against Wigan has put them back in the game.

The Beesotted crew chat all sorts on the eve of the huge match at the IPRO Stadium including Fulham, Forest and of course Derby .. and we also get the lowdown from Bob from the Punjabi Rams on how he thinks Derby will do in their run-in


0 intro
3m 39 secs interviews with fans in the pub after fulham and forest games
12m 37 secs – Beesotted crew studio chat fulham match, nottingham forest match & general promotion race chat
45 m 48 sec – interview with Bob from Punjabi Rams
54 m 15 sec – Beesotted crew chat Derby
1hr 0m 0 sec – End


In the studio:

Billy Grant – Beesotted
Dave Lane – Beesotted
Matt Allard – Beesotted
Nick Carthew – Beesotted
Bob Badwal – Punjabi Rams