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Regular Beesotted contributor Luis Adriano gives his view on the goings ons at Griffin Park after a very very bizarre couple of days

Stats. Everyone now seems obsessed with the word; obsessed with the concept. Well, here are some stats for you: Over 90% of what I have read about my club, Brentford FC, in the press since February has had me shaking my head in utter disbelief.

Let’s be clear, I will gladly tell you I am as much ‘In The Know’ as my late Grandmother. I have no inside information. I would call myself the numpty on the terrace but I fear the excellent Nick Bruzon has this phrase copyrighted! What I do have, is the years of disappointment and scars from proverbial kicks in the nuts that supporting the Bees since the late seventies provides you with.

I believe this gives me a far greater insight into what is currently going on at Griffin Park and Jersey & Lionel Roads than any smart arse journalist intent on sensationalising a temporary blip in our continued progress.

Call me over optimistic but I knew we’d go up the moment the final whistle blew at Brisbane Road and we celebrated knowing those three League One points meant more than winning the FA Cup.

I knew we would have a good first season in the Championship.

I know for sure that we will not be relegated this season. We won’t be seeing League One for a long time unless the FL’s rebranding sees them calling their highest division by that name.

Yes, events since February have been a rollercoaster. Not just one of those little kiddie ones at Legoland either, one of those guaranteed to make you vom state of the art American monstrosities.

There has been so much written since then it’s easy for all the words to make you even dizzier. One phrase I read stands out for me though.

Matthew Benham used his Twitter after the news broke that Warburton would be leaving to state he will always do what he thinks is in the club’s best LONG-TERM interests.

In this fickle world of football, where some spoilt owners view their clubs as a play thing, here we have a genuine fan thinking strategically and laying foundations which mean we won’t crash and burn like so many others.

The football last season under Warbs was undoubtedly the most entertaining I’ve witnessed a team in red and white stripes play. No, I’ve never really watched Atletico Madrid. However, if he was unable to buy in to what the owner believes is best for the LONG TERM interests of the club then it was right for us to part ways.

I don’t want to dismiss his subsequent achievements but Mark’s first season at his new club was always going to provide opportunities to look good.

Who knows how he would have coped with the challenge of a second crack at The (English) Championship with all the 2015/16 season Brentford Injury Curse.

Possibly better than Marinus Dijkhuizen. The press seem to be revelling in the fact we have parted company with Warburton’s replacement so quickly but despite initial shock, to be honest this also now feels right.

I really wanted Marinus to be a success. Mostly to lay the Ghost of Bees Managers Past to rest and also because he came across as a decent fella. But then, John in Accounts at my work is a decent fella. This doesn’t mean he should get a sustained crack at managing my football team.

It may seem harsh to relieve him of his duties after less than ten league games, especially with the injuries and the pitch fiasco. However, things clearly weren’t working out and it is brave to admit it was a wrong appointment and stop any negative influence immediately.

If someone started at SmartOdds, or say your own business, and after three months you could tell they weren’t what their interview promised, then it would be right to terminate their employment. And so it must have been here.

So Lee Carsley has started with a defeat but now has the responsibility of steadying the ship. No doubt there will be more cutting words typed by hacks waiting for us to fail. The football played by the Development Squad since Carsley took over there has promised much. Give him more than a day with the First Team and hopefully he’ll have just as much of an impact there.

Rasmus Ankersen said at The Fans Forum that there is no Plan B, we have to be in the Premier League within three years. Only time will tell if we reach this target. I for one, think this is far more likely than us ever returning to doom and gloom of third and fourth tier football.

There may be a few more blips along the way but remember, everything being done these days is for the LONG TERM best interests of the club.

It’s all to easy to get depressed at successive home defeats with the opposition stealing our divine right to score post ninety minutes. Take a step back though.

Think who has put the money in to (nearly) secure us a brand new stadium.

Think who brought Mark Warburton out of obscurity and into the world of men’s professional football coaching.

Think who has bankrolled the playing budget so that signings like Callum Willock, Neil Shipperley and Tony Thorpe are a distant nightmare.

Please never forget just how lucky we are.

Luis Adriano