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Another week, another couple of wins as the Bees racked up two 2-0 victories against Bristol City and Leeds United within 3 days of each other to continue their winning streak.

But it was the performances that had everyone talking from fans in the pub to Leeds managed Gary Monk who claimed that “outstanding” Bees were one of the best sides he had seen this season.

The Beesotted Crew met up at The Salutation Pub in King Street Hammersmith to shoot the breeze discussing the matches at the weekend, pontificating on whether there is ever a perfect situation for all fans, discussed their new video project which documents fans and Griffin Park which will be no more in a few years time … discussed the forthcoming Fulham game – where Bees fans have been given 2800 tickets … plus we discuss the changing face of Cardiff City football club and similar clubs – like Orient and Charlton – whose owners came in with positive and intentions (in some cases) but failed to deliver what the fans expected resulting in a decimation of the fanbase and a loss of soul of the club.

In the pub this week:

Billy Grant
Dave Lane
The Amazing Gemma Teale
Gary Paul

0m – intro
8m 02 sec – Fans in the pub after Bristol City and Leeds games
14m 20 sec – Beesotted crew discuss Bristol City and Leeds matches. Is there a happy equilibrium for all fans?
40 m 26 sec – Brentford play Fulham in a few weeks with 2800 tickets allocated. Is that enough?
51m 10 sec – Beesotted filming project – documenting fans’ views on their club Brentford, on how special Griffin Park is to them
1hr 02 m 37 sec – Beesotted End of Season Bees-Up is coming at the end of the month with Gary Roberts, Francis Joseph, Graham Benstead and Billy Manuel
1hr 07 min 50 sec – Bees fans discuss Cardiff City and how owners who mismanage clubs can rip the soul out of it very rapidly
1hr 22m 08 sec – END

w Gary Roberts, Francis Joseph, Graham Benstead and Billy Manuel.

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