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Brentford are holding a 2nd fans forum of the season on Thursday 14th November at 7.15pm in The Hive. The forum panel will be consist of Uwe Rosler, Sporting Director Mark Warburton, Assistant Manager Alan Kernaghan, Head of Medical Neil Greig, Head of Conditioning Chris Haslam plus a number of First Team squad members.

It’s quite unusual to have two fans forums in quick succession. The last one was held just before the start of the season. Beesotted has always been in favour of having these type of events once the season has started as it gives folk more of an opportunity to talk about issues at hand. Pre-season forums always have an air of politeness about them with no one really throwing in any hard-hitting questions. So this event could be interesting.

Rosler called the forum in the middle of the Bees’ bad patch when he was having slight differences with certain sections of the Brentford crowd. Always a big advocate of building a close relationship between fans and the team, we can only assume that Uwe has called this forum to clear the air on a number of issues whilst also giving fans the opportunity to voice any concerns they may have face to face – getting them off their chest.

Fairly recently a number of fans have been very vocal about a number of issues on-line with regards playing style, tactics, signings etc. They now have a fantastic opportunity to air these views – not from behind a keyboard but actually face to face with the manager. Will they take the opportunity? Uwe no doubt wants to take this opportunity to be able to give his perspective on all these issues or he would have never called the forum.

So get yourself down there by emailing [email protected] or calling 0845 345 6442 (option 0). If you are unable to make the event, Beesotted will attempt to present a number of questions sent in from fans. If you have a question, please either tweet us at @beesotted or email beesotted1992(at)gmail.com with your name, question and what part of the ground you sit/stand.