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Brentford fans and Norwich fans get together in the studio to discuss all sorts .. including ticket prices, who to look out for this weekend .. and where to drink before the Norwich match.

Bees fans also discuss Brentford’s 1-0 win over Brighton; the new signings in the camp and look forward to the invasion of Middlesboro on West London.

Mark Devlin CEO of Brentford interview.
Michael Brunskill of the Football Supporters Federation joins the discussion.
Jack Reeve from Talk Norwich City blog interview

Talking on todays show:

Billy Grant – Beesotted
David Lane – Beesotted
Nick Carthew – Beesotted
Mark Devlin – CEO Brentford
Michael Brunskill – Football Supporters Federation
Peter Le Moel – Norwich Fan
Jack Reeve – Talk Carrow Road (@TalkNorwichCity)

0 min – intro
6 min 17 sec – Interviews with fans on way home from Brighton game
11 min 33 sec – Studio chat on Brighton game and Championship chat
25 min 43 sec – Intro to debate – is £35 too expensive for away fans to pay for Championship football?
26 mins 46 secs – Fans discuss the £35 Norwich ticket price and £34 Leeds ticket price
34 min 32 secs – Mark Devlin, Brentford CEO Interview
52 min 19 secs – Studio chat on fair ticket prices including Michael Brunskill (Football Supporters Federation) and Beesotted crew
1 hour 25 min 30 sec – Jack Reeve interview – Talk Norwich City blog
1 hour 29 mins – Studio chat on Norwich game
1 hour 36 mins 32 secs – End

Terrace video – Norwich fans enjoy match at £23 ticket earlier in the season

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