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As the big day looms, Wembley block 133 prepares to bare all as the naked singing section moves into full flow. And many blocks adjoining 133 are also gearing themselves up for naked frivolity as we all look forward to cheering the team on with complete and utter unashamed pottiness on the big day.

A few bashful fans have expressed embarrassment about the prospect of showing their bits to all and sundry in public and were wondering if there were any way they could maybe come semi-naked … covering up their essential bits so as to save any red faces.

This is when we hark back to May 1992. The last time we were on the verge of the 2nd flight. At Peterborough hoping that the right result would set us on the way to promotion, a vibrant band of Mexicans donned Sombreros and ponchos and invaded the terraces to cheer the team onto victory. The Mexican summer no doubt bought good luck to the Bees in their promotion quest.

It would be rude to expect every fans to turn up fully naked on the day. So bringing back the spirit of 92 … The spirit that got us promoted out of this god damned division last time … And moshing it with the spirit of 2013 … Naked frivolity …. The idea of the two working side by side isn’t a bad thing at all.

We can now see block 133 being awash with NAKED MEXICANS. Dodgy gringo moustaches. Sombreros. And the all important poncho to keep those private bits hidden away from the all seeing eye.

It’s not too late for you to get your naked Mexican gear for Sunday. Google search ‘mexican fancy dress’ (please whatever you do not naked mexican) and they will have your poncho and sombrero delivered right to or door in days.

Get involved ….. get naked … Or at the very least …..get Mexican .. For the Bees


The photos show both how to and now NOT to go naked Mexican