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With Wembley just a week away, and prompted by a tweet from Brentford fan @chrishorricks31, Beesotted and it’s twitter friends – including former player Joe Allon – spent Sunday coming up with some Bees infused musical inspiration for next Saturday’s play off final.

Don’t forget there’s also the Bees Legends charity game at Griffin Park on Sunday 26th May so we’ve lined up some Classic Bees too….

We’ve tried to capture and credit as many of the puns as possible – we hope you enjoy them as much as we did:

Current Bees

Simon Moore-issey (@Ballen026)
Jake Bugg-well (@LuisAdrianoUK)
Shalem 69 (@UpUm48)
Tony Craig David Crown (@chrishorricks31, Dave Lane)
Steve Harlee Dean and the Cockney Dirk Hebel (@Tobes 1979)
Toumani Broken Hearts in the World Diagouraga
Tom Adeyemi Winehouse
Adamski Forshaw (@chrishorricks31)
Jonathan DougLast Christmas
Kevin Des O’Connor (@UpUpm48)
Sam Fox Saunders (@UpUm48)
Jake Reeves and the Vandellas
Paul Purple Hayes
Bruno Mars-ello Trotta (@joshbartlett23)
Debbie Harry Forrester (@toenee_bee)
Adam Antoine Gounet
Clayton DonaldYourSong
Farid El Christina Alaguilera (@stueyglooshoes)
Stuart Dal-las Soul (@CarlisleBee)
Wilson Wright Phillips (@CarlisleBee)
Scott Barron Knights (@LuisAdrianoUK)
Uwe don’t have to take your clothes off to have a good time (#nakedsingingsection)
Simon Rose Royce
Alan KernaCanCan

Classic Bees
Steve Perrymantronix
Karleigh Osborne in the USA (@pilot_paul)
Martin Grainger Grainger, High Voltage (@philipmode)
Andy Sinton on the Dock of the Bay (@howsicus)
Dirk Hebel’s here and he’s street tough (@HongKongBee)
Paul Evans is a place on earth(@peteratkinson83)
Paul The Smiths
Wojciek Szczesny Hawkes (@samblitz7)
Bob Booker T and the MGs (@UpUm48)
Paul Merson Lake and Palmer (@UpUm48)
Graham Little Rix (@UpUm48)
Mick Droy Division (@UpUm48)
Sam Sodje seems to be the hardest word (@andrewthebee)
Lloyd OwuSussudio
Robert Queen
John Bostock, Aitken and Waterman
Marc McCammon and feel the Noize
Detzi Kruzynski’s Midnight Runners (@carlislebee)
Graham Bandstand (@olde_coalface)
Michael DobStep
Joe Allon Ant Farm
Alt-J Tabb (@JBEE75)
Neil Come up and See me make me Smile (@peteratkinson83)
Lady GaGary Roberts
Dead or a Clive Walker
Lee Luscombe on Eileen (@pilot_paul)
(Lloyd) Blackman (Michael) Turner Overdrive
Aztec Kamara (@Jlmbee1)
Everthing but the Gelson (@JlmBee1)
Me and Murray Jones (@joeallon7)
Billy Manuel in the Mirror (@joeallon7)

We are waiting to see whether Uwe uses a (Blazing) Squad Rotation Policy at Wembley but it should be a good day out for all players at the club, including the Musical Youth Team (@toenee_bee)

Beesotted in association with Myopic Chemical Romance